Employee Development

Ivy Tech offers our employees statewide and local opportunities for professional development.  In addition to fee remission and tuition reimbursement benefits, we also offer role specific trainings, leadership development opportunities, and seminars designed to increase the knowledge, skills, and abilities of our employees.

  • Orientation and on-boarding is handled by each region's Human Resources team. It includes compliance training and faculty mentoring (in some locations).
  • Trainings provide role specific skills. We currently have statewide training experiences for:
  • Seminars are conducted both statewide as well as regionally.  Current employees can check the training portal in Campus Connect for seminars being conducted in your region.  The Master Teacher Seminar, a statewide experience, is conducted by the Talent Development team. Its goal is to create excellence in the classroom.
  • The Academic and Professional Leadership Academies serve as our emerging leadership development programs.  These programs are designed to prepare future leaders from within the College
  • The Executive Leadership Cohort (ELC) is an 18 month professional development experience for a small group of Ivy Tech professionals who have been judged to have senior leadership potential.  This program is designed to prepare talented employees for future senior leadership roles in the College.