Faculty Testimonials



Associate Professor, Communication

I've come to understand that I enjoy teaching more when I can create meaningful connections with my students. Getting to know their interests, goals, hobbies, pet peeves, etc., means I can incorporate stories and examples they will care about, enjoy and most of all, remember.

We laugh a lot in my classrooms - and I love it.


Professor, Biology

What is my goal? My overall goal in my classes is to present each class at a level that informs the students and inspires them to further their search for knowledge in this topic.

I constantly question and ask students to keep an open mind about things that they have summarily dismissed in the past and have never had to think about. My mantra is "Cite the evidence. How strong is the evidence?" I remind them that they can spend the rest of their lives without knowledge of many things but a breadth of knowledge and experience makes life more complete.


Associate Professor and Department Chair, Liberal Arts and English

I believe strongly in human potential. I also believe that many of us satisfy ourselves with the results on minimum effort. In my classroom, the expectations are high and clearly communicated to students. As the educator, it's my job to show students how to reach the bar.

I've spent 31 years in classrooms, as a student and/or educator, and the only parts of it that I remember are those that interested me or in which I found particular value. For this reason, I work hard to create connections between coursework and individual lives. If a student can personalize information, he/she can remember it.


Associate Professor, Liberal Arts and Sciences/Mathematics

Success in my class is not solely measured by the number of students who persist and pass, but also by the number of students who persist and pass a level of mathematics beyond what I am teaching them. I dare not hand them a crutch in my class that will cause them to limp in another. I dare not shortchange their library of skills at my level. Leaving holes in the foundation inevitably causes the "house" of mathematics to come crashing down.

The most gratifying words that I can hear from a former student are, "I was well-prepared at the next level."


Associate Professor, School of Business

My philosophy of teaching is best reflected in a quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, "Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of becoming." This is why I teach; I have the privilege of helping people realize and develop their potential.

Each semester, I start my class with "I'm happy to be here." I believe that every student deserves to have an instructor that is well-prepared, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their job. I hope I help them become what they are capable of becoming.


Professor and Program Chair, Math and Physical Sciences

I relate to many Ivy Tech students because they come from all walks of life and many of them have entered college as a result of hardship, such as job loss...Regardless of their circumstances and educational goals, I believe the students who have been in my classes would agree that I gave them the best I have in my knowledge of the subject matter and sometimes more than they could handle.

Not many people get to do a job they love, want to keep improving at it, and seek excellence all in one lifetime. I am living the dream.