Regional Administration

Regional Administration

Thomas G. Coley
Northwest and North Central
574-289-7001 ext. 5706

Margaret Semmer
Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs and Student Success
Northwest and North Central
219-981-4952/574-289-7001 ext. 5411

Lisa Shaffer
Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Management/Marketing and Communication
Northwest and North Central
574-289-7001 ext. 5308

Janet Evelyn
Campus President, South Bend
574-289-7001 ext. 5354

Julie Foster
Campus President, Elkhart County
574-830-0375 ext. 4439

Seelpa Keshvala
Campus President, Warsaw
574-267-5428 ext. 7214

Randy Maxson
Executive Director, Institutional Effectiveness
574-289-7001 ext. 6854

Mckechney Valeris
Executive Director, Computer and Technology Services
Northwest and North Central
574-289-7001 ext. 5336

Karen Vargo
Executive Director, Finance and Administration
Northwest and North Central
219-981-4423/574-289-7001 ext. 5373

Executive Director, Human Resources
Northwest and North Central

School/Division Deans:

David Brinkruff
Dean, School of Technology
574-289-7001, ext. 5383

Joseph Dutka
Dean, School of Business
574-289-7001, ext. 6822

Katherine Kent, Ph.D
Dean, School of Fine Arts and Design
574-289-7001, ext. 5402

Carol Kirkner, Ed.D
Dean, School of Health Sciences
574-289-7001, ext. 5705

Donna Keusch, MSN, RN
Dean, School of Nursing
574-289-7001, ext. 5710

James Powell, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
574-289-7001, ext. 5379

Violet Hawkins, J. D.
Dean, School of Public and Social Services
574-289-7001, ext. 1037

Kathryn Waltz-Freel
Dean, Academic Skills Advancement
574-289-7001, ext. 5417