Metrics and Targets

Measuring Success

Accelerating Greatness 2025 is a rolling, three-year plan. Each year, the regional research and data representatives, institutional research staff in the office of the president, chancellors, and Strategic Planning Council (SPC) (including the president’s cabinet representatives) will review annual targets and ensure appropriate alignment with short-term and long-term metrics. Highlevel dashboard metrics will include the following:

  • Annual number of associate degrees.
  • Annual number of technical certificates.
  • Annual number of career certificates.
  • Annual number of workers trained.
  • Annual Corporate College net revenue.
  • Annual Foundation donations/revenue.
  • Annual number of process improvement projects and waste reduction.
  • Increase in staff cross training.
  • Increase in space and resource need acquisition aligned with student success research and data.

Additionally, the college will develop and track process metrics measured in the following categories:

  • Student satisfaction
  • Faculty and staff satisfaction
  • Employer satisfaction
  • Impact of learning outcomes
  • Transfer student success at a four-year institution
  • Consistency and quality of customer service and operational processes from region to region
  • Efficiencies in operations