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Two new studies suggest that those with 2-year associate degrees can earn more in their first year than new grads with a bachelor's degree...$11,000 more!


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Many people think a bachelor's degree is the only way to land a prime job, and employers won't give you a second glance without one.

What if it's not true?

What if you could earn just as much, if not more, by going to school for less than half the time? That's the suggestion of a study published this month by the American Institutes for Research. It found that while bachelor's degrees have their place, graduates may find their first-year earnings would be more with a technical associate degree.

Highlights of the study:

  • Some short-term, higher education credentials are worth as much as long-term ones.
  • What you study matters more than where you study.
  • Where you study affects earnings - but less than usually thought.


The $11,000 Advantage!