The Power of Partnerships

The legacy of Ivy Tech Community College has been built through partnerships. Partnerships with employers that ensure our programs are aligned with their needs. Partnerships with community leaders that make education available close to home in cities and towns across Indiana. Partnerships with our students that ensure we are doing everything we can to help them succeed. And partnerships between the Ivy Tech Foundation and its donors that ensure we can continue working toward Changing Lives and Making Indiana Great.

Throughout our 2010-11 annual report, you'll hear stories that reflect the power of these partnerships. They're told by those who see a gift to Ivy Tech as an investment that pays dividends long into the future - employers reinvesting in their workforce, philanthropists reinvesting in education, students reinvesting in themselves. As a donor to the Ivy Tech Foundation, these are your stories, too. Your gifts make everything we do possible, and they combine with the gifts of other donors to have a profound cumulative effect. If you've given to the Ivy Tech Foundation in the past year, therefore, this is the story of how you've helped us succeed.

As we look forward, we see an even brighter future. As Indiana's largest college, its most affordable higher education option and its largest provider of workforce training, Ivy Tech will continue to play a critical role in our state. We know this comes with tremendous opportunities and challenges, and we are equally as aware that we couldn't leverage those opportunities, or face those challenges, without great partners like the ones we're fortunate to have. We trust you share our optimism about what we can accomplish together, as partners.

Thank you for being part of our success story. Thank you for being a partner to Ivy Tech Community College and the Ivy Tech Foundation.


Thomas J. Snyder, President
Ivy Tech Community College
Ivy Tech Foundation

Philip B. Roby, Chairperson
Ivy Tech Foundation Board of Directors

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Thomas J. Snyder and Philip B. Roby

Thomas J. Snyder and Philip B. Roby