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Cooking and Libations

Bloomington Cooking School Series

Join us one night a month for hands-on learning, fun and great food. All classes include salad and dessert and run at the Bloomington Cooking School. Classes fill quickly so register early!

American Picnic

We celebrate summer with an American Picnic menu. Chef Davenport starts this party with his classic American Potato Salad, Leek Goat Cheese Quiche, Fried Chicken, and for dessert, Cream Cheese Brownies. Whether we’re on the prairie or on your patios, this menu recreates the best of summer meals.

CRN 10644-151
David Davenport
1 Wednesday
Bloomington Cooking School
Register By: 6/10/15

Cool Menu for Hot Times

Chef Davenport helps you stay cool with this summery menu, which includes his Cranberry and Pecan Quinoa Salad, Jan’s Italian Pasta Salad, White Fish in Phyllo packets, and Fresh Lemon Pound Cake and Macerated Fruit for dessert.

CRN 10645-151
David Davenport and Jan Bulla-Baker
1 Wednesday
Bloomington Cooking School
Register By: 7/29/15

Summer Wines

Bloomington Cooking School’s resident wine guy, Jack Baker, selects his favorite summer wines to compliment Jan and David’s summer menu consisting of Strawberry Soup, Tomato Jam Glazed Pork Tenderloin, Indian Lemon Rice with Peanuts, and for dessert, a lovely Fig and Gorgonzola Tart.

CRN 10642-151
Jack Baker
1 Friday
Bloomington Cooking School
21 and older
Register By: 7/12/15

Classes held at the
Bloomington Cooking School
115 N College Ave
Bloomington IN 47404



Distilling 101

Join Adam Quirk, founder and distiller at Cardinal Spirits in Bloomington for this distilling class. Students will learn the fundamental theories behind spirit distillation. Our first section will start with the history of the process, the cultural significance of distilling and alcohol through the ages, and end with the state of modern distilling. The second section will start with an overview of the main spirits being produced around the world today, and discuss the raw materials and flavor profiles of each. The third section will cover the chemical and physical processes of distillation, and work through a myriad of different methodologies for making these different spirits.
What you'll learn in this distilling class:

  • Taste 5 or more spirits (don't worry, we've got snacks)
  • Technique, history and ingredients all covered
  • Distill your own spirit

CRN: 10651-151
Adam Quirk
1 Saturday
Located at Cardinal Spirits, 922 S. Morton Street
21 and older
Register By: 4/25/15

Coffee Lab

Dive nose deep into coffee at the Uel Zing Coffee Lab. Professional barista and company founder, Samuel, leads a three-session series exploring a "third wave" approach to coffee. From cultivation and "terroir," to processing and roasting, to brew methods, and of course, tasting. Sessions will include cuppings (tastings), palate training, roasting, and all the coffee you can handle.

CRN 10641-151
Samuel Sveen
3 Sundays
Uel Zing Coffee Shop, 724 W. Kirkwood Ave.
Register By: 4/26/15

All About Beer

This class will cover beer tasting, styles and the brewing process. Join the Bloomington Brewing Company’s Head Brewer, Nick Banks, at the Brewpub for an interactive discussion on how to taste beer, what styles of beer are available and a guided tour of the brewing facility. Growler with your choice of Bloomington Brewing Company beer included at the end of class.

CRN 10643-151
Nick Banks
1 Saturday
Bloomington Brewing Company Brewpub, 1795 E. 10th Street
21 and older
Register By: 5/30/15

Mixology 101

Join Logan Hunter, cocktail creator, tasting judge, liqueur inventor, and tasting room manager at Cardinal Spirits in Bloomington for this Mixology 101 cocktails class. This class will build a solid foundation of knowledge about how to build well-balanced cocktails. Once established, we will use that knowledge to explore innovative ways to make delicious new cocktails. We’ll talk about cocktails the way chefs talk about food, exploring how their individual ingredients relate to one another.
The technique and understanding gained from this class will ensure you have greater confidence to mix up a drink when approaching any bar. Plus you'll walk away with a new vocabulary and understanding that will make you an authority at your next cocktail party.:

  • Taste 5 or more cocktails (don't worry, we've got snacks)
  • Technique, history and ingredients all covered
  • Shake and stir your own cocktails

CRN 10652-151
Logan Hunter
2 Wednesdays
Cardinal Spirits, 922 S. Morton Street
21 and older
Register By: 6/10/15