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Humanities: Theatre, Writing, Music, History

Stand-Up Comedy:

Comedian Matt Alano-Martin takes a look at the history and evolution of stand-up comedy before getting down to the serious business of joke writing and performance in this 4-week class at the Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center in downtown Bloomington. Students will practice and hone their craft in class before moving to the stage, where they'll perform their short stand-up routines during a special Saturday matinee show at the Comedy Attic in Bloomington.

CRN 20307-142
Mat Alano-Martin
4 Mondays
WALDRON, Room W103
Register By: 10/20/14

Intermediate Folk Guitar

Advance your folk guitar skills with this intermediate class.  This course is designed for students who already know chords and have played some guitar in the past and wish to get back to playing guitar. 

CRN 20288-142
Dan Willens
7 Saturdays
11/1/2014-12/20/2014 (no
class 11/29/14)
WALDRON, Room W103
Register By: 10/25/2014


HISTORY TUESDAYS at Bell Trace Senior Living Community

Each month our instructors will teach an intriguing exploration into the history of different peoples and cultures. Join us this spring at Bell Trace? All are welcome! Classes run 1 hour each for 4 weeks.

BELL TRACE: Gettysburg

The Battle of Gettysburg reflected the entire American Civil War in microcosm, and became the occasion through which Abraham Lincoln redefined the very meaning of America.  Learn why we can never forget:  "what they did here." The tension, the larger than life characters, the individual decisions and the savage fighting will be covered in  this class that tells the great story of Gettysburg.

CRN 20297-142
Mark Acres
4 Tuesdays
Bell Trace, Room
Register By: 10/28/2014