The Center for Lifelong Learning

Humanities: Music, Writing & Collecting

Intermediate Folk Guitar

Advanced folk guitar skills with this intermediate class. This course is designed for students who already know chords and have played guitar in the past and wish to get back to playing guitar.

CRN: 30544-143
Dan Willens
7 Saturdays
Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center, Room W103
Register By: 5/9/15

Guitar and Bass Builder I

In this class, you will build a guitar or bass from scratch and learn how it works. We'll guide you through all the steps and when you finish, you will take home your own personalized guitar! You will choose your style of guitar, sand and shape to your preference, paint the body, build your fretboard, and install all wiring components. Basic woodworking skills are helpful. This is your chance to build a customized guitar from scratch! 16 and older.

CRN: 10616-151
Ivy Tech-Bloomington (200 Daniels Way, Room B119)
Register By: 6/15/15

Blogging Basics

Do you have something you want to say to the world, but are unsure who or where to share it? Interested in starting a blog, but are intimidated about starting the process? Then Blogging Basics is a course for you! Join longtime blogger and professional writer Courtney Packard as she guides you through Blogging Basics. This 7 week course will cover how to set up your own blog, how to write in a style unique to you, how to spread the word about your blog and how to generate a following of readers!

CRN: 10624-151
Courtney Packard
7 Wednesdays
Ivy Tech-Bloomington (200 Daniels Way, Room B204)
Register By: 5/27/15

Poetry Revisions Workshop

Sometimes poems, like pets, need tender loving care and enjoy the attention of strangers. So if you’ve written some poems that you want to revise, join this workshop where we’ll give pats on the head as well as grooming suggestions. For a successful course, you must be willing to spend time outside of class reading poems and preparing feedback for fellow participants. Bring three typed pages of your poetry to the first class. All experience levels are welcome. You must be 18 to participate.

CRN: 10623-151
Cara Prill
5 Mondays
Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center, Room W103
Register By: 6/15/15

De-Antiquing with Susan

You've collected, inherited and accumulated a houseful of antiques and collectibles. This course will guide you through the challenging downsizing process. During session one, you will learn how to analyze your situation. Session two will focus on assessing your possessions and determining their value in today's market. Then, explore the best ways to liquidate your unwanted items in session three. No prerequisites are required. Note: This course will NOT provide appraisals.

CRN: 10625-151
Susan Eberman
3 Wednesdays
Ivy Tech Liberty Crossing (2088 S. Liberty Dr., Room M113)
Register By: 5/27/15