The Center for Lifelong Learning

Humanities: Theatre, Writing, Music, History

Stand-Up Comedy: Performance Practicum

A four week long performance workshop, students will write 10 minutes of stand-up material and perform their material publicly three times, including at a special matinee show at the Limestone Comedy Festival. Each class will feature a working comedian as guest speaker to share their story and process with the students. To be eligible to take this class, you will have to complete the Center for Lifelong Learning course "Intro to Stand-Up Comedy" or have a written acceptance from the instructor - based on your previous experience in stand-up.

CRN: 30117-143
Mat Alano-Martin
4 Mondays
5/4/15-6/1/15 (No class on 5/25/15)
WALDRON, Room 103
Register By: 4/27/15

The Magician's Dream

Learn basic sleight of hand and the theatrical dynamics of magic. Entertain family and friends, fool yourself and gain an abiding appreciation of this secretive art and esoteric craft from a lifelong practitioner.

CRN: 30133-143
Tom Hastings
6 Thursdays
WALDRON, Room 201
Register By: 3/19/15

Beginning Folk Guitar

Learn to play the folk guitar in this class designed for those new to the instrument. You will learn how orient your guitar and tune it as well. You will be led through activities that will have you playing in no time, with emphasis placed on playing "by ear"...

CRN: 30543-143
Dan Willens
7 Saturdays
WALDRON, Room W103

Intermediate Folk Guitar

Advanced folk guitar skills with this intermediate class. This course is designed for students who already know chords and have played guitar in the past and wish to get back to playing guitar.

CRN: 30544-143
Dan Willens
7 Saturdays
WALDRON, Room W103


The English Civil Wars and Era of Cromwell

The English Civil War (1642-1651) ripped the British Isles apart along social, political, economic, and religious lines. English Puritanism became a revolutionary ideology, one that eventually failed, leading to Oliver Cromwell’s assumption of power as “Lord Protector,” a position akin to today’s concept of a military dictator. The course will examine the entire war and the course of the Protectorship, including the legacy of democracy that it brought to the English speaking world.

CRN: 30114-143
Mark Acres
6 Mondays
WALDRON, Room 103
Register By: 3/16/15

The Thirty Years War

An overview of a conflict little known outside of Europe. This war contributed to the idea of religious liberty, established the system of state diplomacy used right up until the present day, and was the defining even in the history of Germany and German identity. The course will look at the religious, political, diplomatic, economic and military aspects of the war.

CRN: 30116-143
Mark Acres
6 Tuesdays
WALDRON, Room 103
Register By: 3/17/15

HISTORY TUESDAYS at Bell Trace Senior Living Community

Each month our instructors will teach an intriguing exploration into the history of different peoples and cultures. Join us this spring at Bell Trace-- All are welcome! Classes run 1 hour each for 4 weeks.

De-Antiquing with Susan

You've collected, inherited and accumulated a houseful of antiques and collectibles. This course will guide you through the challenging downsizing process. During session one you'll learn how to analyze your situation. Session two will focus on assessing your possessions and determining their value in today's market. Then, explore the best ways to liquidate your unwanted items in session three. No prerequisites are required. Note: This course will NOT provide appraisals.

CRN: 30112-143
Susan Eberman
4 Tuesdays
Bell Trace
Register By: 3/31/15