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Visual Arts and Ceramics

Studio Landscape Painting

Good paintings have certain characteristics in common, regardless if they are figurative or abstract. The secret of painting is letting the paint do the work for you. In this class, we will use landscape from secondary sources as a point of departure, and learn the mechanics of building shape, space, color, and light. This skill set will put you in good standing for any art project you wish to tackle.

CRN 30225-143
Michael Teague
8 Thursdays
WALDRON, Room W103
Register By: 3/19/15

Supply list for Studio Landscape Painting: Napthol Red (or Cadmium Red HUE*), Hansa Yellow (or Lemon Yellow HUE*), Alizarin Crimson, Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Green, Sap Green, Burnt Umber, Ivory Black, and a large tube of Titanium White. MEDIUM: Refined Linseed Oil or Liquin, plus odorless turpentine. BRUSHES: (rounds) #1, #3, #6; (flats) #3, #6. Tear-off palette sheets. Canvas or canvas board (minimum size 16”x20”). Small jars for storing medium and turpentine. A pencil (2H or HB). Paper towels or rags.

Drawing for Beginners and Beyond

Drawing teaches you first how to see, then how to translate, and finally how to imagine. In this class students will explore how to create space with line, and mass with shading. You will learn how to construct and execute compositions that make even unfinished drawings look finished. Additionally, the instructor will teach the different types of pencils and their uses, as well as how to achieve effects using your eraser.

CRN 30218-143
Michael Teague
8 Fridays
WALDRON, Room W201
Register By: 3/20/15

Supply list for Drawing for Beginners and Beyond: Newsprint pad (18”x24”), pencils (H2, HB, 2B, 6B, etc.), pencil sharpener, conte crayon or charcoal (vine and stick), and kneadable eraser. Plastic or pink erasers also useful.



Ceramics classes at the Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center are offered for all ages. Instructors are all teaching artists and bring extensive professional work experience and instruction to each class.

Course fees cover all materials, including clay, glazes and use of all tools, as well as firing of all pieces. Plus, open studio time is available free of charge to any adult student currently enrolled in an Ivy Tech ceramics class. See below for this semester’s schedule.


We are pleased to offer open studio hours to any ceramics student currently enrolled in a class.  A complete schedule is available to you the first day of class.
*subject to change*

Ceramic Surfacing

This class is an opportunity to expand on your current ceramics skills and knowledge. We will explore a variety of surface treatments and techniques such as slip, underglaze, glaze, stains, texture and altering methods. This class is designed to give you a deeper understanding of how glaze works and provide practical knowledge about surface treatment. We will cover some of the science behind ceramics and learn how we can apply that science to our work.

CRN 30255-143
Christie Cooper
7 Thursdays
WALDRON, Room W101
Register By: 3/19/15

From the Beginning

Getting creative shouldn’t be scary, let’s have some fun! As a beginner in ceramics, students will explore multiple clay techniques with guided instruction and plenty of room for interpretation. Each class will begin with a demonstration of a particular clay technique and a specific project. Students are encouraged to embrace experimentation. Build vessels with wild textures, learn potter’s wheel basics, create an eye catching wall hanging, and explore different finishing and glazing techniques. Join the beginners only class in ceramics and find your voice in clay.

CRN 30212-143
Hillary Scott
7 Saturdays
WALDRON, Room W101
Register By: 3/21/15