The Gayle & Bill Cook Center for Entrepreneurship


The Cook Center for Entrepreneurship provides multiple opportunities to engage our community, promote entrepreneurship principles, and increase awareness of the accomplishments of local entrepreneurs.


The CEO Roundtable program is an innovative peer-to-peer learning tool using a proven facilitated format that focuses on sharing experiences instead of giving advice.  The Cook Center has implemented the program through a license with the Edward Lowe Foundation and its PeerSpectives Roundtable System.  The program specifically targets growth stage or second stage businesses.

In the course of running your own business, you often face tough decisions which may involve various stakeholders, including:  business associates, family members, and employees.  Issues may revolve around such topics as:  company culture, personnel decisions, customers, direction of the organization, marketing, product development, succession planning and finances.  As the leader of an organization, you may wonder where to turn for help.  It is not always appropriate to take certain issues to family members, boards or even a business advisor.  By being part of a PeerSpectives roundtable, you can learn from you peers, many of whom are either currently "living it" or have already "been there, done that."

If you are interested in joining a CEO roundtable, please contact Steve Bryant at (812) 330-6254 or email him at