Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center

For Visual Artists:
Submissions, Gallery Assignments, and Show Months

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  Policies for Exhibitors: 2015


Art for the galleries is selected through a juried process.  Each jury consists of four art professionals representing three or more studio areas, with at least half of the jury based outside of Bloomington.

A call for submissions is held once or twice a year, generally during the spring or fall academic semester.  Portfolios must be submitted online.  There is a small fee to apply.  To receive notifications of calls, send a request to: jroberts51@ivytech.edu.

Gallery Assignments & Show Months

Gallery assignment and show months are based on the needs of Ivy Tech and its educational partners, the nature of each exhibit, the curator's assessment of what makes a balanced group of shows, and the scores received by an artist during juried selection.