Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center

GALLERY HOURS: M-F 9-7, Saturday: 9-5      |      2014-2015 Gallery Brochure

Upcoming Exhibit Opens November 7, 5:00-8:00 PM

Bert Gilbert:  Cast Iron Sculpture

"Bound", cast iron; "Twenty-Two", cast iron; "Broken", cast iron; "Not Dead", cast iron, titanium, steel & limestone.

Thomas Norpell:  Architectural Miniature

"Palace Theatre"; "Sherlock Holmes Pub"; "Tuscan Balcony", mixed media.

Ivy Tech Fine Arts Students:  Fall Show

Rebecca Cady, "Still Life with Vase", detail: charcoal & conte crayon; Erin Zanger, "Chickadee", graphite; Tillman Reyes, "Electric Diet", charcoal.

Ivy Tech Fine Arts Students:  Capstone Show

Nora Liell, "Color Exercise", detail: acrylic paint & taskboard; Erica Hookfin, "Still Life with Lamp", charcoal;  Hyun Joo Park, "Self-Portrait", graphite; Seoungheui Im, "Color Exercise", detail: acrylic paint & taskboard.

Current Exhibit October 3-November 1

Dorothy Graden:  Archaic Magic

“Guardians”—mixed media; “Nine Dimension”—India ink; “Anticipation”, detail—mixed media.

Artist talk Monday, October 6th 10:00 am - 11:15 am

Native American petroglyphs run from the farthest reaches of Canada, all the way through the United States, and South America.  Ms. Graden shares her experiences exploring these ancient sites and the complex artistic process she has developed in response to them.

Aric Verrastro & Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro:  newNormal

Aric Verrastro,  “G.E.M.”—canvas, polyfill, thread & paint; Verrastro Pontillo, “Completing the Set III”—Burmese rosewood, silver, 14K gold & acrylics; Aric Verrastro,  “G.E.M. 6”—canvas, polyfill, thread & paint

Kelly Jordan: Even Returns/Minimum Distance

"i”; “Ancient Mind”; “II”—acrylic on panel.

Mark Kidd: Recent Works

“Nola”, detail; “Fast Food”, detail; “Rooms”, detail; “Suspension”, detail—photography.

Marla Roddy:  Internal Manifestations

Internal Manifestations 2014”, detail; “Internal Manifestations 2011”, detail—sculpture

October shows run through November 1

Mon-Fri 9-7.  Sat 9-5.  Open later during theatre performances.  

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