Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center

March 2015

Youth Art Month, featuring work by Monroe County Community School Corporation students

Images from Youth Art Month 2014:  Anne Kugler, “A La Kandinsky”—tempera;  Lucas Adams, “Zoe”—photograph; Maddie Newquist,  “Bird Boy”—digital illustration.

Nathan Foxton

“The Hunting Party”, detail—oil on panel.

Monroe County Community School Corporation

 Images from Youth Art Month 2014:  Ben Dawson, “Hinged Abstract Box”—stained glass; Kaylee Walker,  “The Beach”—oil on canvas; Auraang Jain,  “Apple From India”—photograph.

Images from Youth Art Month 2014:  Olivia Pfingston, “Book Sculpture”—mixed media;  Erin Barker, “Blueberry”—photograph; Savvanah Burch, “Reflection”—watercolor.

Eric Probst

February 2015

Eric Probst

Brett Volpp

Laura Levine

Ingrid Faber

January 2015

National Society of Arts and Letters:

2015 Visual Arts Competition and Exhibition of Emerging Artists

Izzy Jarvis “Scout”—woodcut on paper; Kaitlin Dodds, “Insufficient Specimen”—oil on canvas; Kimberly LaVonne Luther,“Sitting”—ceramic.

Hoang Nguyen Minh, “Untitled”—photograph; Mi Lin, “Untitled”—acrylic on canvas.

Vanoskaya, Ekaterina, “Today Records Fell”—oil on canvas; Jaggers, Benjamin, “Dismemberment of Self”—sculpture; Colcord, Tom, “Leaf House”—oil on canvas.

Daniel Lager:  Inspiration On Glass

“Scenic Way”; “Northern Light”; “Summer Solstice”—acrylic painted on glass.

December 2014

IU Printmaking Students:  Printmaking & Mixed Media

 Izzy Jarvis, "Emergence", woodblock print; Raphael Cornford, "C# Minor", digital lithograph; Jody Mitchell, "The Weakling", lithograph; Jason Wonnell, "The Outer Plains of Discordia", detail, silkscreen.

IU Neuro-Imaging Group:  Microscope Photography


Alex Straiker, "Neurons Etc"; Natalia Murataeva, "HCN", detail;  Jim Wager, "Sea O Glia 1", detail, microscopy photography.

Lance Pruitt:  Sculpture & Installations

"Cowboys & Indians"; "Losing Your Head"; "Trying to Capture Light". mixed media.

Ben Pines: Paintings

"Golden Crown"; "Caught in the Rain"; "Half Way Up", detail, oil on canvas.

November 2014

Bert Gilbert:  Castings

"Bound", cast iron; "Twenty-Two", cast iron; "Broken", cast iron; "Not Dead", cast iron, titanium, steel & limestone.

Thomas Norpell:  Portraits of Places—Architectural Sculpture

"Palace Theatre"; "Sherlock Holmes Pub"; "Tuscan Balcony", mixed media.

Ivy Tech Fine Arts Students:  Fall Show

Rebecca Cady, "Still Life with Vase", detail: charcoal & conte crayon; Erin Zanger, "Chickadee", graphite; Tillman Reyes, "Electric Diet", charcoal

Ivy Tech Fine Arts Students:  Capstone Show

Tillman Reyes, “Study of Reds”—acrylic; Elizabeth Austin, “Oscar”—plaster; Josh Westerfield, “Still Life with Tiny Guys”—pencil & charcoal; Tillman Reyes, “Electric Diet”—charcoal.

October 2014

Dorothy Graden: Archaic Magic

“Guardians”—mixed media; “Nine Dimension”—India ink; “Anticipation”, detail—mixed media.

Aric Verrastro & Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro:  newNormal

Aric Verrastro,  “G.E.M.”—canvas, polyfill, thread & paint; Verrastro Pontillo, “Completing the Set III”—Burmese rosewood, silver, 14K gold & acrylics; Aric Verrastro,  “G.E.M. 6”—canvas, polyfill, thread & paint

Kelly Jordan: Even Returns/Minimum Distance

"i”; “Ancient Mind”; “II”—acrylic on panel.

Mark Kidd: Recent Works

“Nola”, detail; “Fast Food”, detail; “Rooms”, detail; “Suspension”, detail—photography.

Marla Roddy: Internal Manifestations

“Internal Manifestations 2014”, detail; “Internal Manifestations 2011”, detail—sculpture

September 2014

Lotus World Music & Arts Festival 2014:

Color + Movement—The Making of Lotus Visual Art

Exhibit presented in partnership with the Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center, the Center for Lifelong Learning, and the Bloomington Lifelong Learning Coalition. Sponsored by CFC, Inc.  Art created by various Lotus artists & volunteers—nylon & silk. Exhibit curated by Gail Hale, Keith Romaine, & Susan Sammis.

Brandon Gunn & Ellie Honl:  Dwellings

Ellie Honl, “In Denial”, detail—screenprint, acrylic, thread & wood; Brandon Gunn, “Untitled”, detail—woodcut; Ellie Honl, “Head in the Sand”, detail—screenprint, intaglio & collagraph;  Brandon Gunn, “Suspended Observations I”, detail—mixed media.

Robert Price: Indiana and Beyond

“Vancouver Island III”; “Camelback Mountain Tree”—photographs.

August 2014

Lisa Wicka:  Spaces Between

Adjust VIII”, detail—etching & relief; “Adjust VII”, detail—etching & relief; “Structure V”, detail—mixed media.

James Lax:  Celebrating the Sacred In Stone

“Big Flower”—limestone; “Nautilus I”—limestone & steel; “Sun Scarab”—limestone.

Joshua McNolty & Benjamin Timpson:  Playful Minds, Devious Hands

Benjamin Timpson, “Morning Star”—intaglio; Benjamin Timpson, “Human Nature”—mixed media; Joshua McNolty, “Joker”—mixed media; Benjamin Timpson, “Confused”—mixed media; Joshua McNolty, “Night and Day (God Loves Ugly)”, detail—mixed media artist book.

K.D. Self: Land & Sea

“Burano 1”—photograph; “Tuscany 1”—photograph..

July 2014

Wyatt LeGrand:  Perception

Perception 4”, detail, oil on canvas; “Perception 7”, detail, oil on canvas; “Perception 8”, detail, oil on canvas.

Kendall Reeves & James Haverstock:  Old Car City—Images from the Hood

Kendall Reeves, “Chrysler”, detail, photograph;  James Haverstock, “Hood Ornament”, detail, photograph.

Perry Olds:  Grids

Gingko Leaves”; “Purple Bricks”; “Limes”, photographs.

Karen Holtzclaw:  Portraitss

 “Faith”; “Neighbor”; “Helen”; “Student”, oil on canvas.

June 2014

Indiana Limestone Symposium:  From Under Our Feet

Delaine Goebel-Gerstbauer, , "Floral", detail, limestone; Calvin Babich,  "Sambuca", limestone; Michael Van Vooren, "Floral", limestone.

Amy Brier,  "Prague", limestone & loose sand; Dale Enochs, "Untitled", limestone & steel; Delaine Goebel-Gerstbauer, "Greenman", detail, limestone

Carmel Montoya:  Awaken

"Lost Messages", paper & wood; "Steps to Follow", gelatin print on paper; "I Cut My Bridges?", paper, linen, & thread.

Anya Pany:  Visual Story-Telling

"Bogatyr", detail, digital illustration; "Ryba-Kit", digital illustration; "Bunyan", detail, digital illustration.

May 2014

Local Clay Potters' Guild: Showing Off!

Adam Egenolf, " Crystalline Vase", porcelain, 2012; Marcy Neiditz,, "Bio-Morph with Two Tails", ceramics, 2009; Larry Spears, "Spiked Tea", stoneware, wood & wire, 2012.

Gitlitz & Gitlitz: Feeling Foodish

Deborah Gitlitz, "Puzzleberries", photograph, 2006; Abby Gitlitz, "Cake Stand Monster", glass & brass, 2013.

Nakima Ollin: Recent Works

" Untitled", detail --oil on panel; "Life Boat", detail--oil on panel; "Untitled", oil on panel.

Ivy Tech Alternative Spring Break: Photo Essay 2014

Staff photographs by Chelsea Rood-Emmick, Executive Director of the Ivy Tech Center for Civic Engagement, 2013.

April 2014

Indiana University Fine Arts Faculty: Computer-Aided Design & 3D Printing Exhibition

Martha Macleish, "Winter Camping", laminated polyvinyl chloride & acrylic plastic, 2012; Margaret Dolinsky, "Hard Wired", wire, wood, embedded, voice-activated electronics, 2013; Andrew Hanson, "Calabi-Yau Manifold: Visual Description", gypsum powder & dyes, 2013

Ryan Logan: Plodding, Not Plotting

"#26 of 111"; "#8 of 11"; "#46 of 111", mixed media, 2011.

Ivy Tech Fine Arts Students

Hong Nhung Nguyen, "Green Radial Design", detail gouache & ink, 2013; Nor Liell, "Owl" detail taskboard, 2013; Jeff Grounds, "Hand", detail graphite, 2013.

Ivy Tech Associate of Fine Arts Degree Students:

Capstone Show 2014

April Middleton, "Bird", limestone, 2013; April Middleton, "Organic Design", cut paper, 2012; Robert Soper, "Wisedom", mixed media, 2013; Robert Soper, "Still-Life with Lamp", detail charcoal & white chalk.

March 2014

Monroe County Community School Corporation: Youth Art Month 2014

Sarah Whitmer , "Sunset Silhouette", tempera paint, 2013; Thomas Thayer, "Super Doodle", detail, marker & ink, 2013; Min Jee Park, "Summer Scene", detail, scratchboard, 2013.

Cailey Doering, "Hair Expressions", photograph, 2013;  Nicholas Baudouin, "High Desert", detail, oil pastel, 2013.

Bailey Tichenor, "Venetian Wall", oil on canvas, 2013;  Emma Barnett, "Orchid Spray", graphite, 2013; Emma St. John, "Sunglasses", detail, photograph, 2013.

Lucia Bennett: Recent Works

"Untitled #303"; "Untitled #302"; "Untitled #301", painted wood wall sculptures, 2013.

February 2014

Martin Beach:  The Lithomorphs Strike Back

"Sprint", granite & limestone;"Pavilion Morton gneiss & limestone.

James Hubbard:  Etchings & Linocuts, 2009-2013

"Night Skier"; "Buddha's Dream:  A Free Tibet",  "Cache la Poudre", detail: etchings.

Leah Miller-Freeman:  Acted Upon, Acting Upon

"Stuck", detail; "By Way of Rigamarole", detail; "Push Me/Pull Me", detail: oil on linen.

Anthony Meyer: A Classification Problem Wherein the Categories Are Hues

"Midnight at Kirkwood & Indiana", detail watercolor & ink; "War Hero", detail, watercolor;"An Evening in Late Spring", detail, watercolor & ink.

January 2014

National Society of Arts and Letters: 

2014 Visual Arts Competition and Exhibition of Emerging Artists

Indiana artists aged 18-29 compete for a $1,000 Best in Show prize awarded annually by the Bloomington Chapter of the NSAL.  This local group has given away over half a million dollars to support budding careers invisual arts, dance, drama, literature, music, and musical theatre since 1966. 

Alicia Harstock, "Self-Portrait as Summer Girl", pastel on board; Seth Daulton, "Excavation", charcoal on paper; Megan Posas, "Portrait of a Pin Cushion", oil on canvas.

Sean Hurley, "Doorway", etching with aquatint; Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro, "Bubble Gum Brooch", copper, enamel, sterling silver & steel; Paige Mostowy,"2 Channel Audio Installation", mixed media; Zach Koch, "Flashback", oil on panel.

Janelle Beasley:  Comfort Zone

"This is No Place to Read", paper collage & sugar;"Sweet Nothing", inkjet print; "Comfort Zone", book pages.

Lucas Adams & Bailey Tichenor:  Northern Exposure

Lucas Adams , "Barn and Its Cabinet", photograph; Bailey Tichenor, "Phlox",  oil on canvas Lucas Adams, "Lone Tree", photograph.

December 2013

Keegan Adams & Adam RakeRecent Works

 Keegan Adams, "Buffalo Woman", color intaglio; Adam Rake, "Civilizations Come in Waves" , lithograph; Keegan Adams,"Self-Portrait",

color intaglio; Adam Rake, "Charlie", intaglio.

Jackson Moore:  The Painted Stitch

"Beaver Tree III", oil on panel; "Backyard", charcoal, chalk pastel & colored pencil; "Beaver Tree I", oil on panel.

Robert Price:  American Travels

"Ausable River, Wilmington, NY?", photograph; "The Ascension of Camelback Mountain", photograph.

Ivy Tech Student Productions:  "No Exit" Dramaturgy

Lily Walls, "Garcin", costume sketch;  Lisa Walker, "Estelle & Garcin", rehearsal photograph; Lily Walls, "Estelle", costume sketch;  Lisa Walker, "Lighting design by Rhiannon Miller, rehearsal photograph.

November 2013

Jiangmei Wu:  Folding Into Light

"Torus"; "Crystalline New Night"; "Durian, Durian", acid free recycled paper, wire, LEDs.

Mac Fleming:  From War to Peace in 1944-45 NYC, Paris & Germany

"Wings Over Eiffel--Paris"; "Tanker Guards Rhine--Germany"; "Nuremberg After Allied Bombing--Germany"; "Check On Your Love Life--Gob & Girl In NYC", photographs.

Ivy Tech Fine Arts Students:  Fall Show

"A Woman's Power", detail. charcoal, Vickie Williams; "Romance", ceramics, Jake Laudenbarger; "Theory of an Organic Daydream", ink, April Middleton.

Susan Shorter:  Flights of Fantasy

"Wonderlust", detail, acrylic; "Mermaid", detail, acrylic;"Through Fire and Rain", detail, acrylic; "Old Man and the Sea", detail, graphite & colored pencil on blue paper.


Nathan Hunter & Vincent Edwards:  The Art of Function

Nathan Hunter, "Bubble Server Media Console"; Vincent Edwards, "Eye Cabinet".

CRUSH II:  Contemporary Jewelry Invitational

"Red Float Brooch"; "Sensation II Series"; "Unbridled Royalty".

Kelly Novak:  The Object Must Be Destroyed

"Module Necklace"; "Earrings"; "Green Ring"; "Green Brooch", bicycle parts and silver findings.

Indianapolis Area Artists:  Paths & Patterns

Hauger, MN,"The Walk Home"; Jody Bruns, "Mimi"; James Hubbard, "Poudre River"; Anna Velez, "Concentric", prints & stitched paper.

Vincent Desjardins:  Recent Works

"Stars"; "Spring in the Woods"; "Cats and Dogs", digital illustrations.


Lotus Education & Arts Foundation presents


Hand-Created Indigo Textiles from Around the World

The deep blue dyes of the indigo plant have been loved throughout human history.  See textiles from China, Italy, Japan, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Sumatra, Peru, Germany, Iran, Guatemala and North America.

Indigo textiles exhibit made possible by the generosity of private textile collectors from Bloomington, Indianapolis, and Nashville, IN.

Roy Boswell & Donna Shortt:  An Easel Journey

Color and light abound as you wander Indiana with plein air specialists Boswell and Shortt.

"Pine Tree Dance II", detail, Shortt; "First to Fall", detail, Boswell; "Twilight Stream", detail, Shortt; "Swift Autumn", detail, Boswell, pastel.

Palmer & Stahlman:  South Africa Through a Coloured Lens

IU anthropologists channel the creative energy of mixed-race teens in post-Apartheid South Africa.

"Boy on Bike", detail; "My Family Picture", detail; "Bride", detail, photographs.

Photos in Black and White:   Margaret Bourke-White and the Dawn of Apartheid in South Africa


Monty Helm:  The Gothic Series

Painter Monty Helm celebrates the beauty and self-expressive creativity of young Goth women.

"Bethany", detail; "Amanda with Hydrangeas", detail; "Pzycho Noir", detail, oil on canvas.

Indiana Artisans:  Collective Works           

Indiana Artisans are a select group founded to foster entrepreneurial arts growth in the Hoosier state.

"Ambush", detail, Rena Brouwer, watercolor; "Limbs Reaching?", detail, Patricia Rhoden, oil on canvas; "Audobon's Phoebe", detail, Carrie Wild, watercolor.

Sandy Hill:  Quixotic Little Quilts

Bloomington artist Sandy Hill takes an exuberant, no-holds-barred approach to quilting.

"Currents", detail;"Woman In the Wind", detail, 100% cotton.

Mark L. Kidd:  Long-Term Parking

The puns are as sharp as the focus when Kidd takes a look at what's hanging out in our bucolic landscapes.

"Royalty"; "Cable Company", detail, photography.

JULY 2013

Joyce K. Jensen

Jensen's vivid colors and brilliant reflections create a sparkling world full of highlights and reflections.

Robert Mirek

Mirek based these sculptures on the primal organic molecular forms revealed by electron microscopes.

For additional information, please visit http://www.lmstudio.com/strands

Annie Young

Blind artist Annie Young shows paintings that incorporate touch and texture, as well as form and color.

"Sweet Honey"; "Faith", detail; "Confetti Susan"  acrylic paint, textured mediums, and collage.

For additional information about Annie Young, visit

Annie's gallery: www.mnartists.org/work.do?rid=316545&pageIndex=1

To see Annie in action, here is a local news segment about her:


Katie Vernon

Bloomington artist Katie Vernon illustrates for Ikea, The Land of Nod, Chronicle Books and other clients.

JUNE 2013

Drew Etienne:  Order, Chaos, and the Cosmos

Etienne features landscapes of vast distances with references to science fiction and 1960's Op-Art.

"Surrendering to an Indigenous Invasion", detail; "Cyberspace" detail; "Cold Future", detail: acrylic, ink, and pencil on canvas or panel.

Payson McNett:  Automating Instinct

McNett explores our modern world as a state of being part-nature, part-machine.

"Clouds and Fields 3", detail;"Intersection 1"; "Building Clouds", detail: graphite and black pastel on paper.

James Lax:  Recent Carvings

Celebrate Limestone Month this June with a visit to see Lax's richly ornate, historically-inspired pieces.

"Rosette 7"; "Rosette 6"; "Rosette 16", carved limestone.

Colette Ross-Boggan:  Experiences

Ross-Boggan may spark memories of your own childhood with her intricate and lovingly detailed works.

"Grandma and Grandpa"; "Making Tea Cakes with Grandma", detail;"Grandma's House II?", detail: mixed media collage.

MAY 2013

Devin Balara: Tedium

Suburban sameness and domestic detritus are explored on many levels by sculptor Devin Balara.

"Old Faithful"; "Domestic Sediment", detail; "Timidity"; "Floridian Snowflake"s, detail: sculpture.

Lynn Retson:  Road Trip

Retson renders dramatic Midwestern landscapes in black pastel and graphite.

"Clouds and Fields 3", detail; "Intersection 1"; "Building Clouds", detail: graphite and black pastel on paper.

Rowena Comrie:  Tiny Diamonds in the Cosmic Sands

Colorist painter Rowena Comrie visits from Glasgow, Scotland. She presents art made in the UK & Indiana.

"Glasgow Colors", detail; "Flip Flow"; "Slide": oil on canvas.

Ruth Kelly:  Portraits

Kelly's informal portraits capture slice-of-life moments and a variety of personalities.

"Smoke Break"; "Woman Reading to Children"; "Young Women, North Amsterdam": photographs.

APRIL 2013

Stefan Petranek: It Came From Within

Herron School of Art and Design professor Stefan Petranek explores DNA as life's underlying structure.

 "X-ome #3"; "What I Must Wear Now", detail; "Twelve Exact Differences", photographs.

Thomas Harris: Vessels vs Vassals--Modern Takes on Function and Fantasy

Bloomington ceramicist Thomas Harris mixes sophisticated pottery with quirky figurines.

 "Chicken Gargoyle"; "Paisley Vase with Donut"; "Grim Reaper Gnome"; "Paisley Skirted Vase" ceramics.

Ivy Tech Fine Arts Students:  Spring Semester 2013:

Ivy Tech Fine Arts students display a semester's worth of 2-D and 3-D art projects.

April Middleton, "Cut Paper", detail;  Richard Burke, "Sea with Sunset", detail, oil on canvas;  Jonathan Matthos, "Self-Portrait", charcoal and white conte crayon;  Maryanne Widau, "Woods and Creek", oil on canvas, Fall Semester, 2012.

Ivy Tech Alternative Spring Break 2013: 

In Words and Pictures

Photos by Chelsea Rood-Emick, Director of Civic Engagement, Ivy Tech-Bloomington, 2012.

Monroe County Community School Corporation

Youth Art Month 2013

Left to right: Alwyn Mouton, "Umbrella", photograph, 2013;  Sarah Snoddy, "Untitled", photograph, 2013;  Holly Colvin Clark, "Untitled", detail, photograph, 2012. 

Left to right: Hannah Brown, "Parrot", oil on canvas, 2013;  Laura White, "Untitled", photograph, 2011; Hannah Brown, "Sea Turtle", oil on canvas, 2013. 

Left to right: Vasundhara Singh, "Untitled", photograph, 2013;  Dathan Schmidt, "Vase", ceramics, 2012; Bethany Lumsdaine, "Portrait", acrylic, 2013. 

Daren Redman:  Abstract Statements: Contemporary Art Quilts

Ms. Redman makes hand-dyed, free-form fabric pieces inspired by the colors of Brown County and beyond.  To hear her in-depth gallery talk, or take a class with her in fabric dyeing, see below.

Gallery Talk and Textile Dyeing Classes by Daren Pitts Redman at the Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center


Jeremy Sweet: Cut Away

Californian Jeremy Sweet creates wood panel pieces with free-form edges expertly using a wide range of mixed media.  He cites foreign film, surfing, skateboarding, and fatherhood among his many influences.

"Sailor 3", mixed media;              "Girl 2", mixed media;  "Sailor 1", mixed media;  "Snakeskull", mixed media.

Kelly Franke:  Mary Ellen

Lose yourself in the velvety blacks and seemingly endless textures of Kelly Franke's eleven-foot high charcoal drawings--her meditations on the imagined depths of an individual's psychological distress.

"Sketch 5", digital sketch;        "Mary Ellen:  Panel 1 of 5", charcoal;         "Sketch 3", digital sketch

Ben Pines:  Portraits

Well-remembered for his 2012 Miller Gallery show of striking larger-than-life-sized group portraits, Ben Pines brings his focus back to the individual in this new set of quiet studies.

"Small 9", oil on canvas;              "Medium 4", detail, oil on canvas;              "Portrait 3", oil on canvas.

Susan Forney:  Restless Mind

Dedicated to the process of "creative aging" and self-reinvention, Susan Forney had only been painting for four months before a friend encouraged her to apply for this show--an inspiring and dramatic debut.

"Hot Zen", acrylic on canvas;          "All In A Dream", acrylic on canvas;            "Marrakesh Express", acrylic on canvas.

JANUARY 21, 2013

National Society of Arts and Letters:

2013 Visual Arts Competition & Exhibition of Emerging Artists

Indiana artists aged 18-29 compete for a $1,000 Best in Show prize awarded annually by the Bloomington Chapter of the NSAL.  This local group has given away over half a million dollars to support budding careers in visual arts, dance, drama, literature, music, and musical theatre since 1966. 

Top row:  Aidan Schapera, "Untitled", oil;  Mark Totte, "The Disconnection", detail, mixed media;  Drew Etienne, "Happening Upon Debris from the Final Conflict of a (Mostly) Reasonable Species", acrylic;  Christina Weaver, "Bridal Salon", oil.

Bottom row:  Rebecca Buening, "Wallpaper Stains", oil;  Keegan Miles Adams, "Spirit Path", printmaking;  Heather Lovett, "Garret Tedrow", photograph.

Becca Jones:  Windowscapes

Sprawling mixed media pieces by Becca Jones combine printmaking, drawing and collage.  Also in this series are tiny copper line etchings made with traditional intaglio techniques.

"Windowscape 4", mixed media; "Window Bed", mixed media; "Windowscape 3", detail, mixed media.

Karen Holtzclaw:  Tropical Beauties

Popular figure painter Karen Holtzclaw returns to our galleries with a show full of sumptuous florals.