October 3-November 1

Dorothy Graden:  Mixed Media Drawings

�Guardians��mixed media; �Nine Dimension��India ink; �Anticipation�, detail�mixed media.

Aric Verrastro & Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro: Contemporary Jewelry

 Aric Verrastro, "G.E.M", canvas, polyfill, thread & paint; Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro, "Completing the Set III", Burmese rosewood, silver, 14K gold & acrylics; Aric Verrastro, "G.E.M. 6" canvas, polyfill, thread & paint;

Kelly Jordan: Paintings

"i"; "Ancient Mind"; acrylic on panel.

Mark L. Kidd: Photography

"Nola", detail; "Fast Food", detail; "Rooms", detail; "Suspension", detail: photography.

Marla Roddy: Soft Sculpture

"Internal Manifestations, View 1"; "Internal Manifestations, Detail 2", mixed media.

November 7-29

Bert Gilbert:  Cast Iron Sculpture

Bound��cast iron; �Twenty-Two��cast iron; �Broken��cast iron; �Not Dead��cast iron, titanium, steel & limestone.

Thomas Norpell:  Architectural Miniatures

 �Palace Theatre�; �Sherlock Holmes Pub�; �Tuscan Balcony��mixed media.

Ivy Tech Fine Arts Students:  Fall Show

Rebecca Cady, �Still Life with Vase�, detail�charcoal & conte crayon; Erin Zanger, �Chickadee��graphite; Tillman Reyes, �Electric Diet�, charcoal.

Ivy Tech Associate of Fine Arts Degree Students:  Capstone Show

Nora Liell, �Color Exercise�, detail�acrylic paint & taskboard; Erica Hookfin, �Still Life with Lamp�, charcoal;  Hyun Joo Park, �Self-Portrait�, graphite; Seoungheui Im, �Color Exercise�, detail�acrylic paint & taskboard.

December 5-27

IU Printmaking Students:  Printmaking & Mixed Media

 Izzy Jarvis, �Emergence��woodblock print; Raphael Cornford, �C# Minor��digital lithograph; Jody Mitchell, �The Weakling��lithograph; Jason Wonnell, �The Outer Plains of Discordia�, detail�silkscreen.

IU Neuro-Imaging Group:  Microscope Photography

Alex Straiker, �Neurons Etc�; Natalia Murataeva, �HCN�, detail;  Jim Wager, �Sea O Glia 1�, detail�microscopy photography.

Lance Pruitt:  Sculpture & Installations

"Cowboys & Indians"; "Losing Your Head"; "Trying to Capture Light". mixed media.

Ben Pines: Paintings

"Golden Crown"; "Caught in the Rain"; "Half Way Up", detail, oil on canvas.