JULY 2015

June 26-July 25

Holmes & Weaver

Natasha Holmes, “Interaction Paper 1”, detail—photograph; Christina Weaver, “Neon Gullet”, detail—oil on panel.

Margaret Gohn

Blackbirds at Sunset”, detail—mixed media.

Lynne Medsker

Harmony”, detail; “Mandala #84”, detail; “Intersection”, detail—mixed media.


July 31-August 22

Emilio Maldonado

Peaceful World”—mixed media; “Look”, detail—installation; “Food Network”—mixed media.

Thomas Duffy

Ready to Fish”, detail—photograph; “Pier at Sunset”, detail—photograph.

Trudy Calvert

““Mr. Rainbow”, detail—acrylic; “Emperor Greeting”, detail—acrylic.

Francie Agostino

“Pond with Lilies and Cattails”, detail—oil on canvas; “Flowering Tree with Iris”, detail—oil on canvas.