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The two-year program Associate of Applied Science program prepares you to work as an applications developer, database designer or administrator, website developer, or systems analyst. You will learn how programming, databases and websites work together to bring people and information together.

The Associate of Science degree is a two-year program that transfers into a Bachelor’s degree program at a four-year institution. Ivy Tech students can successfully transfer to IUPUI, Western Governors University, Franklin University, Indiana State University, the University of Southern Indiana, Indiana Tech, University of Indianapolis, the College of St. Joseph’s, Purdue University Calumet, and several regional campuses of Indiana University.

Salary Information*

Computer Programmers: Mean hourly wage: $36.01, Mean average wage: $74,900

Software Developers (Applications): Mean hourly wage: $43.47, Mean average wage: $90,410

Database Administrators: Mean hourly wage: $36.41, Mean average wage: $75,730

Job Market*

Computer Programmers: Employed: 426,700 (2008), 414,400 (2018 est.), Increase: -3%

Software Engineers (Applications): Employed: 514,800 (2008), 689,900 (2018 est.), Increase: 34%

Database Administrators: Employed: 120,400 (2008), 144,700 (2018 est.), Increase: 20%

Note: the job title of simply "Programmer" is fading, as programming is being absorbed into software application development, database design and web development.

*Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010

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