Adult Student

Wondering how to earn your degree while balancing work and family too?

Ivy Tech has plenty of options to make earning a degree while balancing your personal schedule very possible and very affordable.

Check out the College for Working Adults, a set of degree programs designed specifically to meet your unique needs. Classes meet on a set schedule for the entire program - no guessing when you'll have class next semester. It is all planned out for you so that you can make getting a college degree part of your routine. Learn more about Ivy Tech Community College's College for Working Adults.

We also offer entire degree programs online so you can earn a degree from the comforts of your own home and work your class schedule into your personal schedule. If online programs are not for you we offer very flexible course schedules with evening and weekend courses allowing you to fit school into your schedule. And by the way, we have the most affordable tuition in the state so earning that degree will not set you back financially either.

                                             Pat Washington


And don't forget Ivy Tech offers life experience credit in our prior learning assessment program. Talk to your local campus to learn more about this option.

Take time to learn about what we offer, what it costs, and how Ivy Tech can provide you what you need. Getting a college degree is within your reach!