Completing an Associate's Degree at Ivy Tech Community College in the field of Education fully prepared me for continuing my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and Mild Intervention. The array of education classes thoroughly introduces students to the developmental and learning characteristics of students with and without disabilities, interprets laws and expectations for becoming an ethical educator, employs principles and methods of teaching, and requires future teachers to gain experience in real-life classrooms and through community-based interactions with children.

The program at Ivy Tech requires students to meet the high expectations that are necessary to demonstrate while pursuing a Bachelor's degree and are also sought out by employers. Completing the requirements for this degree included keeping a portfolio of artifacts documenting my understandings and growth towards becoming a teacher which was such an asset in completing the application process into a Bachelor's program at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College.

Ivy Tech worked well with me in executing the transfer process to this college and the professionalism and knowledge that I obtained through my time at Ivy Tech was widely recognized and impressive to my new professors. Through my experience at Ivy Tech, I was motivated to set high expectations for my performances inside and outside of classrooms with fellow future teachers as well as with young children in various learning environments. I am proud to be an Ivy Tech alumnus and fully credit the program for my personal successes in achieving a Bachelor's degree through a transfer process and in preparing me to be a professional, dedicated, and creative teacher.
Catie Helton, Graduate

The Education program and Cathy Cole helped me prepare for transfer by pushing me to strive for excellence, never giving up on my dreams, and supported me through my discovery and realization that I do have what it takes to educate the future generations of children. Throughout my time in the Education program I have gained knowledge that I will carry forward into my classrooms. I have had great leadership opportunities with IVY-SEA and have left with more than a degree; I left the program with many wonderful friendships and memories.

In the fall of 2010, I started at Ivy Tech with my new plan to become a teacher. After not completing college as a teenager/early twenties, I had learned that I wouldn't move up in the world without doing something drastic with my life. Two people that are close to me were already attending this school and recommended it to me. My advisor put me into EDUC 121, Child and Adolescent Behavior. The first class scared me to death. As my instructor (Mrs. Paris) went over the syllabus she was telling us about observing real life children in a classroom among many other things we would have to do, I found myself in a panic. She had mentioned that we could observe her classroom (4th grade) for this assignment. At the end of class I decided that it would be best to get the scary thing out of the way, so I approached her, and immediately started my observation. Not only could I talk to her in my classroom, but in hers as well. I absorbed so much information, and found her easy to communicate with and get feedback on assignments so I knew I was doing everything correctly. Her instruction was excellent, as was my other classes at Ivy Tech. The next semester I attended EDUC 101, Introduction to teaching with Mrs. Wall. This class also offered the opportunity to observe a classroom while focusing on the teacher. I loved it, and it confirmed my want to be a teacher. We received many difficult assignments, but through each one I gained valuable knowledge about teaching and classrooms. I was able to make connections between this and my first EDUC class where I found that they reinforced each other, making the knowledge I had gained more concrete in my brain. Over the summer I took and online class (again with Mrs. Wall) for EDUC 201 Using Computers in Education. I never had a clue how much technology was in school nowadays, and I am curious to see how this will relate once I am teaching, and what tools I will need. I am now at the end of this fall semester and I have just completed the class EDUC 230 The Exceptional Child. My instructor, Ms. Johnson, has also been an amazing teacher. This class has been taken online though a different campus and has had a writing assignment every week. I found these assignments both fun and exciting to do. My other classes had prepared me so well, that many of these assignments were easy for me. My comprehension of the subject was there, and this class just added on to what I already knew and expanded my knowledge of the education world. 

I will be finishing my time at Ivy Tech this next spring by graduation with my associates degree and moving onto IUS. My goal is to become a middle school science teacher (thanks to an observation). All of my instructors have been amazing, and as long as a student has a positive attitude and a willingness to commit to a class and work hard, they will bend over backwards for you. Through this past year and a half I am proud to say that I have maintained a 4.0 GPA with a full time class schedule along with working a full time job and having 3 kids. My job has proven to be very unfulfilling, and I am excited to say that I will begin work as a substitute teacher in January with the Jefferson County School System in Louisville Kentucky. In applying for this new job, I was able to pull from previous classroom assignments for my cover letter that required my philosophy of teaching along with testing and essay questions that related to me knowing how to deal with problem situations. I would not have known this information without the classes and instruction at Ivy tech.  I am hoping that my education along with being a substitute will only assist me more for the moment I am ready to take on my own classroom. I am excited about all that I have learned so far, and I am even more excited about what I will learn in the future. Ivy Tech has done a fantastic job so far. I would recommend their education program to anyone seeking this path.
Deborah Haeberlin

First and foremost, I would have to say the best thing about the program is the staff. They provided guidance and reassurance from the moment I set foot through the door until after I graduated. Another plus is the preparation for transfer. With the specific transfer guidelines and articulations in place, there were no surprises. I went into Saint Mary of the Woods with a clear picture of the classes I had taken as well as the classes that I still needed.

The best thing I gained from the Education program is the friends! I have met some amazing people that I would have never had the opportunity to meet if it weren't for the program!
Elizabeth Hettinger, Graduate

The education program at Ivy Tech was excellent for weeding out those that truly had a passion for education from those that thought it would be an easy career path. All of the instructors made sure to point out that while having summers off and such sounds great that there is much more to becoming a phenomenal teacher. They make sure that every teacher they send out into the community knows what to expect out of the students and the job itself.

Even if I had decided not to stay in the education program, I believe that I am a better student due to the hard work of the education instructors. They offered advice when necessary, and were able to assist me with making some of the hardest decisions of my life, even when it may or may not benefit them. They made me a stronger individual, student, and future teacher.
Stephanie Schindler, Graduate