Rent-A-Text FAQs

What is Rent-A-Text?

How do I actually rent my books?

What are the student requirements to rent?

How can I pay for my rental books?

How will I know if my books can be rented?

Why can't I rent all of my books?

When is the rental return date? Is it before my finals?

What happens if I forget to return my rented books by my rental return date?

Why the extra fees if I check-in my rental book past the deadline?

What if I rent a book and then decide I NEED to keep it?

What happens if I drop a class?

Can I highlight and take notes in my rented textbook?

What happens if I accidentally made excessive markings in my rented textbook? Will I be charged any penalties?

Can I use other discounts with rental?

I'm not 18, can I still rent?