Honors Program

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What is American Honors at Ivy Tech?

American Honors is a new, competitive 2-year honors program offered at Ivy Tech Community College. Its curriculum is designed to prepare students for junior- and senior-level coursework at the best colleges and universities in Indiana and the United States. At the conclusion of the two-year program, students will earn an associate degree with honors from Ivy Tech and will have the opportunity to transfer to a top 4- year college or university to complete their bachelor’s degree after two more years.

Who is American Honors at Ivy Tech for?

American Honors is specifically designed for highly motivated students who aspire to earn a bachelor’s degree from a top university or college but would like to pay less and stay close to their home community for the first two years.

What will students experience at American Honors at Ivy Tech?

  • Small classes taught by top teaching faculty.  At most universities, introductory classes are taught in large lecture halls to hundreds of students at a time.  Teachers’ assistants bear most of the teaching load to free professors’ time for research and graduate advising.  American Honors, by contrast, is singularly focused on the undergraduate classroom experience.  Classes are capped at 18-20 students to foster dialogue and ensure every student receives attention from his or her professors.  Faculty are selected for their passion, experience, and skill in the craft of teaching, and share the understanding that undergraduate learning is the highest priority.
  • A personal advisor, coach, and advocate, rolled into one.  Upon enrolling, every student in the American Honors program is paired with an Honors Advisor. American Honors Advisors work with students from Day 1 to define academic goals, explore transfer and career options, and plan an academic pathway that maps directly to those goals.  Over the course of each semester, Honors Advisors meet with students 1-on-1 to discuss academic progress, upcoming deadlines, personal goals, and life within and outside of the honors program.
  • Membership in a community of bright and driven peers.  The student body of American Honors comprises artists, writers, musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, activists, and community leaders.  Despite the diversity of backgrounds and interests, students share some common denominators: an infectious enthusiasm for learning; a deep commitment to their educations; a high level of motivation and drive; and a desire to challenge themselves and pursue big dreams.  In American Honors at Ivy Tech, students are surrounded by their honors peers.  They take classes together, and have the opportunity to form clubs, participate in study groups, and strike up relationships that extend beyond the campus walls.
  • State-of-the art educational technology.  Digital technology has transformed the way people communicate, interact, share, and relate.  It is now pushing the boundaries of how students learn.  American Honors has developed a state-of-the-art digital platform, called Quad, that is the hub of the learning experience.  At scheduled times, the platform becomes a virtual classroom, in which every student occupies a live video tile on screen.  With every student “taking a front-row seat,” it is a virtual classroom that is more intimate and engaging than most traditional classrooms.
  • Improved transfer options.  American Honors is developing transfer pathways with many of the top in-state and out-of-state 4-year institutions in the country.  On top of this, Honors Advisors work proactively with students from Day 1 on all aspects of transfer planning:  exploring best-fit options, narrowing a list of target schools, and selecting the right courses based on transfer requirements.  When it comes time to apply to transfer, Honors Advisors help students craft their applications, apply for scholarships and financial aid, keep track of deadlines, and navigate what can oftentimes be a complicated and opaque process.

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