I was ready for a career change and Ivy Tech Community College–Northeast's hospitality program made it simple. I took classes in Event Management and Baking and Pastry Arts and was introduced to concepts and projects that prepared me for my future career. Now I work full-time at the college planning special events including fundraisers, national conferences and other high-impact events. It is a little strange…last year I was a graduate at Commencement and this year I'll be planning it!
Aja Michael, Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications, Ivy Tech Community College-Northeast

A young widow and mother launched a personal chef business after completing the culinary program at Ivy Tech-Central Indiana. Among her clients: successful businesswoman and local philanthropist Christel DeHaan.
Patricia (Trish) McIlroy

The faculty and staff cared about me then (when I was a student) and they care about me now (when I'm a business owner). Learning doesn't stop when you graduate and they're willingness to continue helping me didn't either. Thank God!
Sandra R. Wharton, Co-Founder, Vanilla Bean's Biscotti & Pastry Boutique

My time spent at Ivy Tech in Michigan City helped me grow leaps and bounds. I entered into the Culinary Program in Fall of 2003. I had known I wanted to go into Culinary as a career for quite some time. I soon thereafter got to know Chef Terry Zych, whom has helped me tremendously. After getting some prerequisite classes done I got into the kitchen. Instantly I was gratified to know that I would be opportunity to use many different cooking methods in numerous different culinary classes such as: baking, grilling, classical, seafood, soups, breads, Italian, meat fabrication and many more. Going through the program I met many wonderful people who were just as passionate about cooking as i was. These great peers helped when it was needed and gave advice and tips when needed. Through Ivy Tech and the Culinary Program I was given numerous offers to volunteer outside of the class and even had a couple paying jobs. I graduated with my Associates of Applied Science in Hospitality Administration in May of 2007. Shortly thereafter I was offered a well paying job at a local casino in Southwestern Michigan. I was offered a position higher than I applied for and my boss said it was because I had the degree.
Nolan Miller, Michigan City Hospitality/Culinary arts student