Human Resources Supervision

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The expenses associated with turnover of a position are approximately 30 percent of the annual salary, and potential legal outlays which can result from an improper interview can be tremendous. Therefore, the hiring process is a very important factor related with a financial problem within an organization.

(Code ID: SUPV HRS1)
One of the many hats worn by supervisors is that of human resource representative.  Supervisors must be aware of the role they play in helping an employee be successful and in limiting the legal exposure to the organization and to themselves.  The Human Resources and Supervision course details the pieces of employment legislation, including discrimination and sexual harassment, which could potentially impact a supervisor, manager, or employee.  This course also provides supervisors with tips, techniques, and guidelines for effective interviewing and employee orientation.  Particular emphasis is placed on behavioral-based interviewing and building a comprehensive employee orientation program.  Finally, the importance of leveraging diversity in the workplace and creating a culture of inclusion is explored as a means to improve the organization's bottom line.  This course is designed for front-line and middle-level managers and supervisors. 

Benefits to your organization:

  1. Increases level of professionalism and knowledge of managers and supervisors
  2. Prepares participants to effectively deal with growth and change in your organization
  3. Provides job skills immediately applicable on the job
  4. Develops confidence in those entrusted with supervisory responsibilities

This instructor-led course with reference materials and handouts focuses on the skills and tools needed to help managers and supervisors understand themselves and become more productive in the workplace.  This course will focus on the learner and the ability to coach, mentor, and motivate employees in the workplace.  The course begins with a pre assessment and ends with a post assessment to document learning. 

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