Career Information

Jobs in the HVAC/R Technology field are varied. Many graduates are working for contractors in the field as installers, designers along with service technicians and sales. Many graduates are working in areas such as facilities maintenance and supervision in hotels, schools, hospitals and industry; servicing and installing the complex equipment and controls that keep us warm in the winter or cool in the summer...keep our food supply fresh and so much more...There are also opportunities in areas of emerging technology such as indoor air quality, building automation systems, green technology and manufacturing/testing of systems and processes. With the much faster than average job growth and numerous expected retirements, heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics and installers should have excellent employment opportunities.

Average range of pay for jobs in the HVAC field
Starting wages average in the $14–16 per hour range. After 2–5 years of experience, wages average in the $20-30+ per hour range. The median income level is around $43,000.

Average Salary: $40,217
Education Training: 1 or 2 years of technical school
Major Industry: Architecture and Construction
Related Occupations: Industrial Machinery Mechanic; Millwright

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