Campus Facilities

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Ivy Tech Community College - Central Indiana is pleased to provide your organization with the use of our facilities for your event. The following guidelines are intended to ensure that your visit will be pleasant and successful:

You may park in any space that is designated for parking and not marked "reserved". For your convenience, a parking lot map has been provided. Please use the handicapped spaces only if appropriate documentation is displayed.
Please provide appropriate signage to direct participants to the location of your event.
Audio/Visual Equipment
If you require audio/visual equipment for your event, please contact Mary Burris of Media Services at or call 317-921-4458. Please be sure to contact Mary at least two weeks prior to your meeting date. Equipment is issued on a first-come, first served-basis. If you decide on the day of your meeting that you need equipment, we will try to accommodate you; however, this may not always be possible.
Work Order
Whenever the NMC Auditorium is reserved, it is necessary to complete a Work Order to request the style of setup that is required. The following are some of the setup styles that are possible: theater style (chairs in rows with a center aisle and side aisles, maximum of 220 chairs), classroom style (rectangular tables with two or three chairs per table, maximum of 42 tables), or conversational style (round tables with up to seven chairs per table, maximum of 13 tables/91 chairs). Rectangular tables can be provided on the tile floor at the back of the auditorium for beverages and catering requirements. Tables and chairs for registration can be placed near the entrance doors. Please use the Work Order form that has been provided to describe your requirements, or provide a diagram of the furniture arrangement that you prefer on this form or as an attachment.
Room Cleanliness
Ivy Tech Community College - Central Indiana takes pride in its facilities, and we ask that you leave the room in the same condition in which you found it. Disregard for the facilities will result in the loss of future use.
Use of College Name
The College name and logo are registered trademarks; therefore the use of the College's name or trademark must be authorized by appropriate College officials.
Arms/Deadly Weapons/Explosives/Chemicals (Per Student Policy Handbook)
Possession of firearms (except those possessed by police or campus security officers) and other weapons, dangerous chemicals, or any explosive or explosive devise is prohibited on College property. No campus guest shall use or threaten to use firearms, other weapons, dangerous chemicals, or explosive or explosive devise on College property. A harmless instrument designed to look like a firearm, explosive, or weapon that is used by a person to cause fear in assault of another person is included within the meaning of a firearm, explosive or weapon.
Alcoholic Beverages and Illegal Use of Drugs (Per Student Policy Handbook)
Consuming, being under the influence of, or possessing intoxicating beverages on College property is not permitted. Being under the influence of, use of, possession of, or distributing illegal drugs is not permitted.
Smoking and Tobacco Use
All Ivy Tech Community College - Central Indiana buildings are classified as "nonsmoking" facilities. The use of tobacco is not permitted within fifty (50) feet of the building and no where inside the building.
Provided Items
Ivy Tech Community College - Central Indiana will be happy to provide tables, chairs, audio visual equipment, waste receptacles, and overhead projectors.
Items Not Provided
Ivy Tech Community College - Central Indiana will not provide any writing equipment, laptops, computer access, or printers. We also cannot make copies or perform any other administrative tasks.