Student Leadership Programs

Student Leadership Academy

What is Student Leadership Academy (SLA)?

The Ivy Tech Student Leadership Academy (SLA) is a leadership development program designed specifically for Ivy Tech students.   SLA provides students with an opportunity to further develop their leadership development and professional development skills, while learning more about the history and traditions of the College.

Through their participation in SLA, students will be able to:

  • · Define and clarify a set of personal values
  • · Articulate a personal leadership philosophy
  • · Recognize personality characteristics that impact group dynamics
  • · Demonstrate encouragement and skills needed to develop a team
  • · Learn techniques for motivating others to achieve a common goal
  • · Foster a group environment that is open to change
  • · Demonstrate an understanding of the value of civic engagement
  • · Express an appreciation of diverse backgrounds and experience
  • · Recognize appropriate etiquette in professional settings

What is the Program Structure?

Fifteen students from each region will be selected to participate in the 10-week (20 contact hours) co-curricular program through an application-based selection process.  The Academy will occur during the fall semester, commencing the third week of classes (week of September 15) and concluding the week prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.  Meeting dates and times vary by region. A state-wide graduation celebration will be held in Indianapolis at the end of November.

What are the Benefits of SLA?

Students that successfully complete SLA will receive:

  • · SLA Medallion to be worn at commencement
  • · Scholarship for a 3-credit hour course in Spring 2015
  • · Invitation to attend the SLA Graduation Banquet
  • · Powerful resume material that will help you stand out

How to Apply!

Applying for Student Leadership Academy is easy. Complete the online application at

Application materials are due no later than Friday September 5th, 2014 at 5:00pm EDT.

Fall 2014 Meeting Dates

The Student Leadership Academy meets on Wednesdays from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Wednesday, Sept. 17

Wednesday, Sept. 24

Wednesday, Oct. 1

Wednesday, Oct. 8

Wednesday, Oct. 15

Wednesday, Oct. 22

Wednesday, Oct. 29

Wednesday, Nov. 1

Wednesday, Nov. 12

Wednesday. Nov. 19

Wednesday, Dec. 3

Additional Dates Include:

Student Leadership Academy Graduation Ceremony, Friday December 12

Student Leadership Conference, November 20 - 21


What are students saying about SLA?

“The Student Leadership Academy definitely tested my limits and boundaries but in ways that I can appreciate and always come back to and reflect on. If given the opportunity to participate in Student Leadership Academy, do it because it will be an experience that will never be forgotten!”

Samantha, Fall 2011 SLA Graduate

“The skills that the academy helped me to create within myself will last far beyond my current position. The Academy helped me to understand that there are many different ways to be a leader, not just in my job, but in the community and within my own family as well.”

Karen, Fall 2011 SLA Graduate

“This academy not only taught me ways to communicate through speech but also by physical action, and building a strong respect in teamwork exercises.”

Katie, Fall 2011 SLA Graduate

For more information contact the Office of Student Life & Development:

North Meridian Campus IFC 125

Lawrence Campus FB 101A

Amanda Bremmer
Acting Director of Student Life & Development
North Meridian  (317) 916-7571
Lawrence  (317) 917-5944

LaMarcus Hall
Assistant Director of Student Life & Development
North Meridian  (317) 921-4969
Lawrence  (317) 917-5944

Renita Jones
Student Engagement Specialist
(317) 916-7570