Career Information

Sample Career Pathway

Potential Occupations

  • Systems Administrator - Responsible for configuring, securing and supporting information systems (e.g., servers, workstations)
  • Network Administrator - Responsible for configuring, securing and supporting network systems (e.g., firewalls, IDS, routers)
  • Ethical Hacker - Responsible for testing the security of an organizations information through various means (e.g., technical and logical)
  • Information Systems Security Officer - Responsible for the identification, development, implementation and support of information security controls within an organization)
  • Security Analyst - Responsible for various aspects of security within a particular discipline (e.g., programming, networks, architecture)
  • Incident Responder - Responsible for driving the response activities in the event of an incident
  • Security Architect - Responsible for reviewing security architecture and controls, identifying ways in which sensitive information is vulnerable and recommending fixes (e.g., updated configuration, new policy)
  • Security Specialist - Responsible for designing, implementing and supporting security controls within a network
  • Information Assurance Technician - Responsible for oversight of particular security controls to ensure compliance with security policy, procedure
  • Security Engineer - Responsible for designing, evaluating and testing security controls within an information security system
  • Security Administrator - Responsible for implementation and support of particular security controls

Average range of pay: $30,000-$75,000

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