Administrative Cabinet

The Administrative Cabinet is comprised of the chief administrator of each of the major functional units.  The function of the Cabinet is communication among all functional units, team building, discussion and resolution of issues that effect the entire operation of the region, and strategic planning to set the direction of the region.

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Cabinet Members

Dr. David A. Bathe Chancellor
Dr. Todd E. Roswarski Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Dr. John R. Laws Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Andrew Antonio Executive Director of Diversity and Engagement
Patricia L. Corey Executive Director of Resource Development
Jane M. Harper Executive Director of Finance
Carmen Diaz Hurst Executive Director of Human Resources
Nikki R. Lebo Executive Director of Instructional Design and Technologies
Christopher A. Marks Executive Director of Facilities
Thomas L. McCool Executive Director of Marketing and Communications
William L. Jones Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Institutional Research
Dr. Victoria C. Wacek Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
David C. Berry Dean, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
William M. Coghill Dean, School of Education/School of Public and Social Services
Sandra D. Fights Dean, School of Nursing
Susan J. Ely Dean, School of Technology
Jolene K. Miller Dean, School of Health Sciences
Dr. Sheryl L. Shipley Dean, School of Business
Dr. Isaac Rivera Dean, School of Applied Science and Engineering Technology
Christopher T. Downard Director of Campus Security
David R. Bouck Director of Secondary Initiatives
Beverly A. Cooper Director of Financial Aid
Judith G. Doppelfeld Director, Ivy Tech Community College - White County
Heather R. Hart Director of Human Resources
Adam Hedden Director of Computer and Technology
Ivan L. Hernandez Director of Admissions
Geoff Knowles Director, Ivy Tech Community College - Crawfordsville
Andrew D. Muffett Director, Renaissance Instructional Center
Christine Burr Director of Development
Danyelle A. Paczkowski Director of Disability Services
Jennifer L. Musick Director, McAllister Academic Advising Center
Kathryn S. Stremiecki Director of Student Life, Development and Leadership
Susan A. Trees Director, Ivy Tech Community College - Frankfort
Cindy Mitchell Library Director
Christina Coon Registrar
Sandra K. Patchett Director of Cash Management-Finance
Margaret E. Patterson Director of Budget Management-Finance
Rozlyn D. Hernandez Director, Express Enrollment Center
Louis A. Perdue Director of Maintenance
Jessica Varkonyi Assistant Director, Community Outreach
Steve B. Manzini Assistant Director for Custodial Services
Elaine M. Doss Project Manager, Ivy Tech Corporate College
Shirley E. Siovaila Workforce Certification Manager