Leadership Skills

(Course ID: SUPV LEA9)
This is a 40-hour, Advics Leadership Training course. The primary objectives of the course are:

  1. To distinguish a leader's style of supervision from a manager's style of supervision in the workplace. Key skills are to identify what promotes leadership spirits and how do we develop great leaders. Leaders are required to do the right things with people or subordinate. Also, understanding key qualities found in a leader will foster positive attitudes and abilities.
  2. Gain an awareness of different behavior styles. Key skills learned in this course will be identifying the strengths and weaknesses associated with the Dominant, Influencing, Conscientious and Stable behavior style. The foundation for this session is completion of the paper version of Classic DiSC.
  3. Gain an awareness of communication barriers and why they exist. Key skills learned in this course will be the importance of effective communication. Understanding what communication barriers are and why they exist. Gain the understanding to get along with different behavior styles by using verbal and non verbal cues. Using the other person's language to increase effective communication, the foundation for this session is the four styles of behavior found in Classic DiSC.
  4. Spot and discover potential conflict and understand the various types of conflict. Key skills learned in this course will be that each of us defines conflict based on the intensity or degree of conflict. A discussion of the causes of conflict consists of personal, structural, external and other forms are presented. Common goals of the course are to separate the individual from the issues. The steps to conflict resolution (CR) are defined and options for CR range from open discussion to imposed litigation results. The role of the mediator in presented as an alternative for problem solving a collaborative result.

(Course ID: SUPV LMB1)
The course covers the differences between traditional managers and leaders in the workplace. The course points out the differences from several viewpoints with the classic definitions being emphasized: a manager gets things done through people, while a leader gets things done with people. The course further offers a self-assessment of leadership style. The core portion of the course covers 13 common mistakes that managers make and how taking on the role of a leader tends to avoid these mistakes. Participants are encouraged to take note of their management style and strive to adjust toward a more leadership approach when necessary. This course is designed for front-line and middle-level managers and supervisors.

Benefits to your organization:

  1. Increases level of professionalism and knowledge of managers and supervisors
  2. Prepares participants to effectively deal with growth and change in your organization
  3. Provides job skills immediately applicable on the job
  4. Develops confidence in those entrusted with supervisory responsibilities

This instructor-led course with reference materials and handouts focuses on the skills and tools needed to help managers and supervisors understand themselves and become more productive in the workplace. This course will focus on the learner and the ability to coach, mentor, and motivate employees in the workplace. The course begins with a pre assessment and ends with a post assessment to document learning.

(Course ID: SUPV LEA7)
Leadership skills can help you gain the respect and admiration of others, while also allowing you to enjoy success in your career and more control over your destiny. Contrary to popular belief, leadership skills can be learned and developed. Even if you don't hold a leadership position, this course will teach you how to use the principles of great leaders to achieve success in almost every aspect of your daily life.

(Course ID: SUPV LEA3)
In this course you will learn to identify the characteristics that make a good leader. The instructor will teach on the elements involved in maintaining leadership momentum. Which comes first: Management or Leadership?

This class will give you the skills you need. Don't miss this affordable course that will pay off for years to come.

(Course ID: SUPV KOK1)
The Leadership Kokomo Program will bring together a diverse group of existing and emerging community leaders, and enable them to become resourceful stewards of the community.

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