I really did enjoy my time at Ivy Tech, hopefully these words express that: Ivy Tech was a wonderful experience for me in so many ways. The skills I learned have been invaluable in my current job as a library assistant. The degree has opened doors in my field and prepared me for the next chapter in my education. Thanks, Ivy Tech!
Tina Meerzo, Milford Public Library

I chose to make my career in libraries because I have such wonderful memories of the time I spent in them during elementary and junior high school. These days, I'm also very interested in technology, so I'm excited about making the most of the opportunities new technologies are offering the library profession.

The Library Technical Assistant program at Ivy Tech has provided me with a basic understanding of all the subject areas necessary to run a small, rural library by myself, if I had to. I not only understand the process of getting books on the shelves and circulating them to patrons, or how to conduct a reference interview, but I've practiced writing job descriptions and walked through the hiring process from a manager's point of view. I've prepared mock acquisitions budgets and disaster plans. I've learned to create programs and how to conduct story hour. I've learned the basics of marketing and public relations.

While my education may not be as in-depth as that of the librarians with Masters degrees, I'm confident I can step in and assist them in any role with the barest minimum of further training. And when I do go on for my Masters degree I won't be walking in blind.
Joanna Conrad-Pacelli