Machine Tool Technology- Program Competencies


  1. Develop the skills and craftsmanship needed to machine parts to industry standards of tolerance and finish using manual and computer controlled machine tools.
  2. Read and interpret standard ANSI and ISO blueprints used in the machining industry.
  3. Use industry standard measuring devices and techniques to measure workpieces.
  4. Teamwork – Function effectively as a member of a technical team.
  5. Identify and Solve Problems – Identify, analyze, and solve narrowly defined technical problems.
  6. Communication – Apply written, oral and graphical communication skill in both technical and non-technical environments; identify and use appropriate tech literature.
  7. Lifelong learning – Understand the need for , and engagement in, self-directed continuing professional development
  8. Professional/Ethical/Diversity – Demonstrate understanding of and commitment to address professional and ethical responsibilities, including a respect for diversity.
  9. Quality, Continuous Improvement – Demonstrate a commitment to quality, timeliness, and continuous improvement.