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In the state of Indiana, funeral directors can look to make anywhere starting at the low of $28,000; median $48,1000 and high $81,000. However, most funeral homes are family owned and salary ranges is dependent on the area and volume of the business.1

Employment Change
Employment of funeral directors is expected to increase by 12% during the 2008-18 decade, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Projected job growth reflects growth in the death care services industry overall due to the aging of the population.

Job Prospects
Job opportunities are expected to be good, particularly for funeral directors who also embalm. In addition to employment growth, the need to replace funeral directors who retire or leave the occupation for other reasons will result in good job opportunities. Funeral directors are older, on average, than workers in most other occupations and are expected to retire in greater numbers over the coming decade. In addition, some funeral directors leave the profession because of the long and irregular hours. Job prospects may also be better for some mortuary science graduates who can relocate to get a job.

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