Network Infrastructure Program Outcomes:

  • Analyze products and services related to the passive part of a fiber or copper-based cable network infrastructure that provide connectivity between all active components involved in a network.
  • Evaluate telecommunications distribution designs, advanced cable termination and grounding that might form the network infrastructure.
  • Examine dedicated networks that provide access to consolidated storage.
  • Define networking terms such as Open System Interconnection model, network devices, Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, and addressing.
  • Identify and configure network infrastructure components.
  • Explain and differentiate advanced network services including access control lists; routing and switching concepts and configurations; and network security.
  • Explore the characteristics, features, and functions of wireless network systems.
  • Demonstrate the skills needed to install, configure, and troubleshoot network systems peripherals and protocols.
  • Examine and utilize voice communications technologies.
  • Evaluate and employ emerging network technologies applicable to connectivity within and between organizational information systems.
  • Determine an organization's essential network infrastructure requirements and develop a plan of implementation and maintenance.