College's job-seeking assistance extends to all alumni

Assistant Director of Career Services Victoria York (left) recently assisted Ivy Tech–Northeast alumna Gladys Angel in securing a registered nurse position in the ER between two Parkview Health hospitals.

When in doubt, Career Services can sort job-seeking strategies out.

While the statement is not an official slogan for Ivy Tech Community College–Northeast’s employment-assistance office, the sentiment is genuine.

In fact, 2012 nursing alumna Gladys Angel can validate this claim and credits the office with helping her land a dream job with Parkview Health as a registered nurse in the ER between two of its hospital locations.

Angel sought consulting assistance from Career Services four months following her graduation after numerous online job applications proved uneventful. In the office, she met with Assistant Director Victoria York. Together, they reviewed Angel’s résumé and cover letter and discussed her self-promotional presentation skills.

In less than one week, Angel’s prospects changed dramatically: She visited Career Services on Nov. 7; attended a Parkview recruiting event on Nov. 8; interviewed with Parkview on Nov. 10; and received an employment offer on Nov. 11.

“Let me tell you, Victoria communicated with me every one of those days, and her advice was a big help,” Angel said. “I was very comfortable communicating with her, and she truly helped me gain that little extra confidence I needed.”

Most alumni don’t know that the college’s services extend to them even though they may have transferred to a four-year school, said Career Services Director Sheila Biggs, whose office clientele is one-third current students, one-third employers and one-third alumni and community members.

“When working with alumni in particular, we find that people don’t know how to transfer skill sets on paper from an old career area to a new career area. In effect, we are not having skills shown to employers so people can get invited for interviews,” Biggs said. “It’s good for people to come see us before they blow their job-market prospects.”

But despite offering a broad continuum of career-readiness services, one thing the office doesn’t do is offer job placements. “We provide employment assistance,” York clarified. “We hope to get people ready for employment, but we’re not a staffing agency.”

To better serve alumni, Ivy Tech recently created a group resource page at, where topics will cover career readiness and career development and members are encouraged to share personal employment successes and job openings from their employer. “We’d love to be better connected to our alumni, so when we do events like career fairs or need guest speakers, we can call on them to share their stories with current students,” Biggs said.


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