The Workforce Certification and Assessment Center provides many assessment services. Many of these services are listed below:

Accuplacer: College entrance exam for placement in review (ASA) classes or college-level classes. This exam assesses student's skills in reading, writing and math. The scores from this test are scaled to Ivy Tech review classes. The test is computerized, is not timed, and is an adaptive test, to the test candidates' level of knowledge. Ivy Tech has launched a new Accuplacer review tool that allows you to brush up on your writing, reading and math prior to taking the Accuplacer assessment. Access the review and create an account. You will need your Ivy Tech username, found on your acceptance letter, to create your account. Start preparing for the Accuplacer today!

CAAP: CAAP testing has been selected state wide as the outcomes assessment program from ACT that enables postsecondary institutions to assess, evaluate, and enhance their general education programs. The tests are being given twice a year in the capstone classes for each program. 

TEAS: College entrance exam into the Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) and Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) programs. Computerized, timed exam with a passing score putting students into a candidate pools. The college has an orientation (contact Admissions) for the program and study materials are available. Get more information and the complete schedule of testing dates.

CLEP: College Level Exam Program. Students can take a national test for college credit for classes taught at most universities during a student's first two years.

Assessments for Business and Industry are for area firms use assessments to determine the skills of their current or potential employees for a wide range of skills, abilities, aptitudes and even attitudes. The Workforce and Economic Development Department provides assessment services in a professional and confidential manner. Tests are administered in either the traditional paper/pencil method or, in some cases, via the Internet. Test scoring results are accurately determined and reported promptly and confidentially to a firm's management contact. The tests are in categories and can be adapted to the needs of a firm, such as customized test batteries.

If you are a degree-seeking student, you must satisfy the Assessment (course placement) requirement. The placement requirement indicates your mastery of math, reading, and writing. Whether you are a degree-seeking student or not, your level of mastery must be determined before registering for most courses.

The course placement requirement can be met one of two ways:

Take the Ivy Tech Assessment Test
(Course Placement)

Can be taken on a walk-in basis

North Campus, Harshman Hall, Room HM0126

Find out more about the Assessment Center.

Earn Assessment Equivalency:

Admissions office
Student Life Center, Room SL214
Present SAT scores, 4 years old or less, 460 or higher scores in each section of reading, writing, and math.
Present ACT scores, 4 years old or less, 17 or higher in english, 18 or higher in reading, 18 or higher in math.
Present PSAT scores, 4 years old or less, with scores of 46 or higher in each section of reading, writing and math.
Completed college level math and English courses at another accredited college.
Other Important Notes
  • Fill out and submit the FAFSA. If applying for financial aid, apply online at, or obtain the forms from the Financial Aid office in the Student Life Center Room 500, 260-481-2214. Then, send by mail. The Ivy Tech-Northeast school code is 009917.
  • Looking to transfer college credit? You must submit an official college transcript to the Registrar's Office in the Student Life Center.
  • Certain Health and Public Services programs have additional admissions requirements. If you have questions, contact the Admissions office, 260-480-4268.