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Career Fairs
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Indiana INTERNnet Events
Many times colleges will post career fairs that are open to students from other colleges to attend. Please read the information provided about each of the fairs to make sure there are no fees required or exclusions you need to be aware of before attending.

Career Development Workshops are free sessions open to students, alumni, and friends of Ivy Tech Community College. You will receive a free portfolio if you have attended four (4) different workshops in a 12-month period. Periodically, check back here and also make sure to join our mailing list to receive notifications.

  • Session 1: The Job of Getting the Job Introduction
    (mandatory in order to attend other sessions)
    This session is designed to introduce students to the reasons why we need to do things a specific way while searching for a job. After students attend this session, they will have a better understanding of how additional workshops will provide students with the appropriate tools to approach the job market. This first workshop gets everyone on the same page for the more intense workshops that follow. Following this session, students can pick and choose which workshops they plan to attend. R.S.V.P. by calling 260-481-2282 (be sure to mention the date of your reservation and provide a phone number).
  • Session 2: Resumes/Portfolios/Cover Letters/Thank You Letters
    [Computer Lab work included]
    Bring your rough draft resume and/or cover letter to work on. It needs to be in both electronic and paper formats to be productive in the lab. Students will receive more information about the creation of these different documents and will have access to the computer lab and reference materials. The presenter will also be available to help students individually.
  • Session 3: Introductions to CHOICES and JobZone programs
    [Computer Lab work included]
    Students will be able to create and setup their accounts to utilize these programs. After the programs are created, students will learn about the programs and how to use them. IndianaINTERNnet can also be included for those students who wish to do internships.
  • Session 4: Interviewing Do's and Don'ts
    This workshop has a short presentation with a question/answer period for students to ask questions about how to prepare for interviewing. Students who have had bad interviews can get tips to combat it in the future. The program is about interviewing etiquette and why seemingly irrelevant questions are asked. What are employers really looking for in some of their questions? Clues to understanding the question helps in answering them more completely and accurately. Find out what questions you should be asking in an interview and what topics or questions you should steer clear of.
  • Session 5: Dress for Success and other Etiquettes
    It is important to know the rules of dress and etiquette, especially in business situations. You might never need the table etiquette, but what if you do? How comfortable would you be at a sophisticated holiday dinner, when you are sitting next to the manager who will decide if you get that promotion next year? Understanding the simple rules of table dining will show that you are savvy. Are you comfortable with an interview performed over lunch? What can a trained interviewer see during a lunch interview? Why and what do we wear to an interview? (In the Spring, this is sometimes complemented with a luncheon to practice those skills)
  • Session 6: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
    This workshop introduces and briefly explains the Stephen Covey philosophy of leadership and management.
  • Session 7: I Have a Job, Now What?
    This workshop is geared mostly toward students who have never had a job before or cannot seem to keep one after they obtain one. It goes over the skills of dealing with fellow workers, employers, supervisors, and basic employment issues. What gives a negative impression or impact to others about your behavior or body language? Ethical issues in the workplace are also addressed.
  • Session 8: Job Search in a Tough Economy
    The session focuses on different areas of interest for job-seekers such as:
    • self-imposed obstacles to overcome when searching for jobs;
    • what is different when searching for a job with the economy's current state;
    • thinking out of the box when applying for jobs;
    • self-evaluation of career skill sets;
    • resume and cover letter discussion;
    • interviewing and best practices discussion;
    • dealing with rejection;
    • networking;
    • and some resources available in searching for a new career.
  • Session 9: Internship Exploration
    This workshop has a short presentation with a question/answer period for students to ask questions about what an internship or experiential learning is and how it is conducted with Ivy Tech. The program will talk about how to locate, apply, and perform an internship. What are the expectations and how do you know when you are ready to seek out this opportunity? Other questions might be: What are the benefits?, How many can I do? How many hours are required?, When are they paid and unpaid?, Is there a class and homework involved too?, etc.