Celebrating Our Faculty 2013-2014

Excellence in Teaching: Accomplishments, Leadership and Service

There are many faculty members who contribute to the mission and goals of Ivy Tech Community College Northeast every day -- contributions that enhance the quality of life in northeast Indiana. The five distinguished faculty highlighted here were chosen through a selection process that involved the consideration of numerous evaluative measures, including feedback from faculty and executive leadership and inclusion of diversity, which embraces the dedicated and essential functions from adjunct faculty.

Take a few minutes to read a bit about them and view the accompanying videos. They share their philosophies on excellence in their own words.


Jeff Bunting
Program Chair, Hospitality Administration Program, School of Public & Social Services

In Jeff Bunting’s case, it’s not a matter of which came first, the chicken or the egg but rather the chef or the educator. Before the professional chef accepted an adjunct faculty position, there was no debate on the topic in his mind. It didn’t take long for him to rethink his position once he began working with students in the kitchen.


Donna Ditton
Assistant Professor of Communication, Liberal Arts Program, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Donna Ditton may not have the ambition to become a stand-up comic any time soon, but that doesn’t diminish her desire to bring humor to the masses, and more specifically, to her classroom. Ditton’s objective in doing so isn’t meant to incite nonstop, sidesplitting laughter from her students. Instead, her strategy is to use humor as an instructional tool to enhance classroom learning.


Sheri Dunlavy
Associate Professor of Psychology, Liberal Arts Program, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

To appreciate Sheri Dunlavy’s imaginative take on teaching effectiveness, one needs to look no further than a spider’s innate and intricate talent. Dunlavy says teaching involves “a complicated web that balances facilitating students learning from each other and learning from a number of other sources.” Nowhere is this personal philosophy more evident than in one of her most notable class projects.


Margaret Hall
Adjunct Faculty, Academic Skills Advancement Mathematics, School of Applied Science & Engineering Technology

As Margaret Hall welcomes new students each semester, she soon discovers that many of them feel somewhat like a domino trapped in a domino toppling game: They describe how their self-esteem has been knocked down repeatedly no matter how many attempts they make to pass algebra classes. Fortunately for these students, Hall is a domino-setter, of sorts, who is there to prop them up again and help them improve their morale . . . and grades.


Deborah Morris
Adjunct Faculty, Liberal Arts Program, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

From an occasional drawing assignment to the review of a familiar children’s book, one thing is certain about the lesson plans in Deborah Morris’ English Composition classes: They often defy convention. Her creative activities and calculated approach to instruction are meant to address some of the common subject-matter anxieties among her language arts students and develop their literacy and critical thinking skills.