Celebrating Our Faculty in Northeast Indiana 2012-2013

Excellence in Teaching: Accomplishments, Leadership and Service

There are many faculty members who contribute to the mission and goals of Ivy Tech Community College-Northeast every day -- contributions that enhance the quality of life in northeast Indiana. The five distinguished faculty highlighted here were chosen through a selection process that involved the consideration of numerous evaluative measures, including feedback from faculty and executive leadership and inclusion of diversity, which embraces the dedicated and essential functions from adjunct faculty.

Take a few minutes to read a bit about them and view the accompanying videos. They share their philosophies on excellence in their own words.


Christine Barlow
Associate Professor, Biology
Liberal Arts program
In scholarly circles, science is much broader than the discovery of knowledge; it encompasses the pursuit of it. This pursuit leads to Mother Nature’s front door via lake, forest and field ecology labs in Christine’s classes. These opportunities place her students at an advantage.


Patrick McCormick
Program Chair, College for Working Adults / Business Administration
College for Working Adults - INSPIRE Academy - Disney Institute

Sometimes a greeting card conveys more than a simple thank you; sometimes it provides career validation. This is precisely what Patrick discovered in a leave-behind message from a former student. Now he views an education as something more than credits and degrees.


John Morrow
Associate Professor, Spanish and French
General Studies program

Students interested in a journey around the world might be better served by enrolling in one of John’s classes—at least in the short term—because spending sufficient time with him is the armchair equivalent of getting a passport stamped.


Karen Redman
Adjunct Faculty/Online Certification - Early Childhood Education & Education
Early Childhood Education program - Education program - Instructional Technology
Most people are familiar with the expression involving curiosity and a cat, but it’s what kills curiosity that has Karen concerned. The culprit: adulthood. This dilemma explains why she focuses her energy on helping students counteract such a fate.


Deanna Lynn Surfus
Writing Program Chair/Instructor, Academic Skills Advancement
Phi Theta Kappa
Some instructors prefer to lecture; others demonstrate or lead students to self-discovery; some focus on principles and others on applications; some emphasize memory and others understanding. Deanna aims to strike a balance among these instructional methods.