Student Leadership Academy

Student Leadership Academy

The Student Leadership Academy identifies up to twenty students to grow in their personal development, as they prepare to assume greater responsibilities and leadership roles at the college and the community. Such roles include committee service as members and chairs, as well as preparing to hold office.

Subject areas include, but are not limited to leadership styles and skills, presentation skills, group problem solving, team building, time and project management, parliamentary procedure, and College history. Topical areas to be covered:

  • Leadership of Self
  • Leadership in the Community/Service Learning
  • Leadership of Team
  • Leadership of Organization

Participants who graduate from the program possess a greater understanding of the college and its organization, objectives, and procedures. Graduates actively hold offices and chair crucial committees within student organizations that contribute to the success of the clubs and organizations and enhance the College's image in the community. Graduates of the Student Leadership Academy are a source of fresh ideas and will often serve as mentors for other students.

For more information:

Christina O'Brien, Director of Student Life