Student Organizations

Student Organizations

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Alumni Association: The association strives to promote a spirit of loyalty, fraternity and fellowship. United action in promoting and advancing interest in Ivy Tech and networking together for the benefit of the College and each other is encouraged.

Campus Activities Board (CAB): Campus Activities Board focuses on providing a robust calendar of social, educational, and developmental activities for Ivy Tech – Northeast students.  CAB believes in developing the body, mind, and soul of all students therefore providing a more enriching college experience.

Campus Ministry: Campus Ministry was designed for the purpose of fellow students meeting to share Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Students are encouraged to enjoy fun and fellowship, to meet new people and discuss "real world" issues that are pertinent to the student body. Meetings are held two times a month.

Culinary Club: The Culinary Club gives students in the Hospitality Administration program a chance to further their experiences in the culinary field.

Future Elementary Education Teachers (F.E.E.T.): F.E.E.T. supports students in the Elementary Education program, but is also open to all students from all programs of study, especially those students who are undecided. We function as a social network, community network, and we make footsteps toward leadership in our field.

Med Assist Club: The Med Assist Club involves students interested in Medical Assisting in promoting interest in the medical assisting profession, networking career opportunities and community service.

Metaphysical Exploration Club (MEC): The purpose of the club is to be exposed to thoughts and ideas often not covered in course study at Ivy Tech Community College.  This is accomplished by exploring various metaphysical topics with an open mind and critical thinking.  Meetings are held twice a month along with two or more special events each semester. 

Multicultural Students Organization (MSO): MSO recognizes individual diversity, equity, equality, and uniqueness among the student body. MSO accepts all students regardless of race, color, national origin, age religious beliefs, sexual orientation and disability. MSO further recognizes that multiculturalism is about each person coming to terms with his or her attitudes, beliefs and expectations about others, and gaining comfort with differences. MSO accepts the challenges and regards that multiculturalism represents.

Student Nurse Association (Ivy SNO): Ivy SNO is a volunteer and leadership organization serving and representing student nurses on our local campus. Its purpose is to organize events to include current and future nursing students as well as present community service opportunities that impact the health and well being of the community.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK): Phi Theta Kappa is a national honor fraternity for two-year colleges. Its purpose is to recognize and promote academic excellence. This is done by providing leadership development opportunities for service in both chapter activities and at regional PTK events. Membership in PTK is by invitation only and is based upon a minimum grade point average (GPA) as well as completion of a specified number of credit hours.

Rabid Panda Films: Rabid Panda Film Club aims to help students interested in media production and to help build relationships between students and technology.  It also gives students experience in the media field they may not otherwise have access to.

Stars & Stripes Student Organization: The Stars & Stripes Student Organization is committed to representing the interests and advocating for issues facing student veterans. The organization educates veterans on benefits available to them, provides assistance to ensure that their educational goals are achieved, and contributes to the community.

Student Government Association (SGA): The Student Government Association (SGA) is a student leadership and volunteer organization that is open to all Ivy Tech students. Members serve as liaisons between the student body and the college administration.

Student Leadership Academy (SLA): The Student Leadership Academy is designed to help those enrolled at Ivy Tech learn more about leadership and to take on leadership roles on campus.The College pays for the program and cost of materials. SLA simply asks that students provide the commitment to complete the program and the desire to learn and have fun.


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