Michael's Story

I'm living proof that no matter where you are in life, Ivy Tech Community College makes it possible for you to realize your dreams.

When I started at Ivy Tech, I was the first in my family to attend college. I was proud, but a little nervous, too, since I had questions about an experience that was altogether new to me. The staff at Ivy Tech understood, and they gave me the answers I needed and the support to know I could succeed.

After I enrolled at Ivy Tech, the birth of my first child changed my plans and I needed to leave school and go back to work. I took a full-time job to support my family, and I was very successful—but then the economy changed, and I found myself unemployed. It was a difficult time, but Ivy Tech turned it into a second chance, thanks to a special scholarship program that made it possible for me to return.

Once I was back in college, nothing could stop me. I earned a place on the dean’s list, and decided to transfer my credits to continue on toward a four-year degree, studying business management, international business, and human resources. Along the way, my Ivy Tech degree allowed me to find a job so I can continue to work while I’m in school.

There’s one other thing I experienced at Ivy Tech that’s worth mentioning. In 2010, I represented the Ivy Tech student body at the White House Summit on Community Colleges. I had a front row seat for a speech by President Barack Obama and I shook hands with Vice President Joe Biden. Not bad for your first trip to Washington—and it never would have happened if I hadn’t enrolled at Ivy Tech.

So whether you’re a first-generation college student, a single parent, a working adult, someone who wants to pursue a four-year degree, someone who’s been laid off, someone struggling to find a way to afford an education, or someone with huge dreams, trust me—I understand. I’ve been there. You just need to take the first step.

That’s why I’d encourage you to visit IvyTech.edu/NowIsTheTime today. You’ll learn how to move forward without letting anything hold you back, and you’ll find solutions to whatever challenges you’re facing. I can’t tell you college will always be easy, but I do know that it just might change your life. I know it did for me.