Pharmacy Tech

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The Pharmacy Technician Certificate Program was developed in response to a rising need for trained technicians to work in either the hospital or retail pharmacy setting. In recent years, the Pharmacy Technician profession has become indispensable to the healthcare field. A nationwide shortage of pharmacists and a growing consumer demand for prescription medications have allowed pharmacy technicians the opportunity to play a continually more important role in today's pharmacy industry. With this growing opportunity, however, has also come increased responsibility, and this increased responsibility has made Pharmacy Technician Certification an important issue for many industry employers and some state legislatures. Some states now require all individuals who work as pharmacy technicians to become nationally certified.

A pharmacy technician is an individual who, under the supervision of a pharmacist, assists in the performance of those pharmacy-department activities not requiring the professional judgment of a pharmacist. Pharmacy technicians assist and support licensed pharmacists in providing health care to patients. Pharmacy Technicians have been called pharmacy helpers, pharmacy clinicians, pharmacy support personnel as wellas various other titles, depending on their location. In all parts of the country, pharmacy technicians must have a broad knowledge of pharmacy practice and must be skilled in the techniques required to order, stock, package, and prepare medications, but they do not need the advanced college education required of a licensed pharmacist. Pharmacy technicians may perform many of the same duties as a pharmacist; however, all of their work must be checked by a pharmacist before medication can be dispensed to a patient.

This program prepares students for entry-level pharmacy technician positions. Medical and pharmaceutical terminology will be introduced, and basic anatomy related to the pharmacology of medications will be a major component of the coursework along with pharmaceutical calculations. This program provides students the necessary information required to pass the National Certification Exam offered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. GES does not guarantee that the Pharmacy Technician program will meet all state requirements. All states currently have a site with board of pharmacy information. You can access this information directly from the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) website at If you cannot access this information via the Internet, you can always call the state board and ask for the current technician regulations.

As a part of the Pharmacy Technician Certificate Program, students are required to perform Clinical rotations (also called an externship). Clinical rotations will be based on individual state board requirements. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the pharmacy externship program or they can opt to set up their own externship locally. In the event that clinical sites cannot be found, a research project for each area will be assigned.

The curriculum consists of:

  • Ethics of Pharmacy Practice and Role of Pharmacy Technicians
  • Prescription Medications
  • Patient Care and Interaction
  • Charges and Reimbursement
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical terminology
  • Pharmaceutical calculations

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Health care is a booming field these days, and pharmacy technicians are in high demand. In this course, you’ll take a look at the many job settings and career paths open to you if you become a pharmacy technician. In addition, you’ll master the skills you need to get an entry-level position as a pharmacy tech or clerk. 

You’ll start by learning basic terms for medical conditions and anatomy, gaining the skills you’ll need to read prescriptions and patient records easily. In addition, you’ll find out how common classes of drugs are made and how they work.

Next, you’ll master the simple math that every pharmacy tech needs to know. You’ll learn how to calculate dosages accurately, practice using simple formulas and math tools, and find out how to translate metric measurements into familiar household measures like teaspoons and tablespoons. Turning to the business side, you’ll look at sales and find out how prescription pricing works.

In addition, you’ll learn about the important laws and regulations that govern pharmacies. You’ll also hone your communication skills, learning how to handle customers courteously and efficiently. And finally, you’ll explore the steps you can take to enhance your career prospects becoming a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT). By the time you’re done, you’ll be prepared to start your career in this popular and rapidly-growing field.

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