Workforce Certification Center

Ivy Tech’s Workforce Certification Centers are designed to help you advance your career by providing proof, in the form of nationally recognized documentation, of your knowledge and skills. With both our credit courses and non-credit customized training we can help you build the exact skills you need for the certification you want. When you are ready, we will administer your certification exam.

Certification testing is available in a variety of fields, including Information Technology, Health Services, Office Administration, Insurance, Fire Science, Food Safety and much more! We partner with nationally recognized vendors to administer exams. Some of our partners include Certiport, Pearson VUE, PAN Testing, Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC), ESCO, Inc. and National Registry of Food Safety Professionals.

Certification is becoming more and more critical as the job market becomes more competitive. Certification also empowers the job seeker, building confidence and potentially providing an edge over a non-certified job seeker.

The Richmond Workforce Certification Center is a member of the National College Testing Association (NCTA). We administer certification exams by appointment. For more specific information or to schedule a certification testing appointment, please call our certification testing center at 1-765-966-2656, ext. 4133 or 4134.

The Workforce Certification Testing Center is located in McDaniel Hall in Room 1128.

The Certification and Workforce Assessment Center will have new hours for testing beginning January 5, 2015.  Be aware that campus closings due to holidays, and emergency closures will affect our hours.

Monday:  9AM-3:15 PM

Tuesday: 9AM-5PM

Wednesday:  9AM-5PM

Thursday:  9AM-5PM

Friday:  Closed

Saturday: Call the center ( 765-966-2656 ext. 4133) for available dates and times

Group testing at times other than those listed must be requested in writing and at least one month in advance of requested date.  Please send requests to Connie Ganger

Richmond’s Ivy Tech Workforce Certification Center also offers assessment opportunities for employers wanting to evaluate incumbent workers, as well as new hires.  This process enables a business to identify workers for increased responsibility, ability to acquire new skills, or providing workers the opportunity to prove they needed skills required for a specific task.  Workforce assessment is a crucial economic development tool because it helps employers identify prospective employees who have the appropriate knowledge & skills in today's economic environment. Industries in today's economy are affected by rapid technological and market change and therefore need workers who can meet the needs of an ever changing market place. Partnering with Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana is an investment in economic development.

For any questions concerning employment assessment opportunities, contact

Jeff Holt
Manager-Assessment Services
(765) 966-2656 ext. 4106
Toll free: (800) 659-4562 ext. 4106
Fax: 765-966-1360

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Certification exams that we offer

Certification/Credit Crosswalk

For further information, contact Jeff Holt at 800-659-4562, ext. 4106 or 765-966-2656, ext. 4106.

Schedule your certification appointment online.