Software Development Program Outcomes:

  • Develop, operate, maintain, and evaluate information systems and applications.
  • Understand the software and systems development life cycles, incorporating different approaches and methodologies.
  • Develop software solutions, using relevant methodologies, policies, and standards for use in the business and consumer environment.
  • Utilize industry-standard practices in the development of user-centric views in software design.
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the different programming models such as procedural, objective oriented, event driven, and mobile device applications.
  • Document each stage of the software and systems development life cycles.
  • Utilize various testing strategies in the design and implementation of software.
  • Develop solutions that ensure end-user confidentiality, security, and integrity while maximizing availability of information.
  • Apply industry standard principles and practices of secure software development.
  • Demonstrate the benefits of quality, timeliness and continuous improvement in regards to software development.
  • Practice communication and team-building skills throughout the software development process.