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What is online education?

Online education can be defined in many ways, but at Ivy Tech – Southeast we offer online, hybrid, and Wimba/Blackboard Collaborate courses to meet the needs of our students. Students have the option to complete their coursework using the following online learning options:

  • Online learning – Students use a learning management system called Blackboard 9 to complete their coursework online. Blackboard 9 allows students to access course materials, assignments, and tests/quizzes to successfully complete the course.
  • Hybrid learning – Students who wish to blend the traditional learning style with online learning tend to enroll in hybrid courses. Normally, a hybrid course will meet face-to-face one day a week, then, the student is required to complete the rest of his/her coursework online using Blackboard 9.
  • Wimba/Blackboard Collaborate – Students who choose to take Wimba/Blackboard Collaborate courses enjoy online learning in which they interact and communicate with their instructors in real-time. Students meet in an online classroom at a designated time every week and participate in lectures, discussions, and collaborate with their classmates. After meeting online for class, students complete their remaining coursework using Blackboard 9.

Feel free to explore our online resources for Blackboard 9, Wimba, Blackboard Collaborate, and the internet. If you have additional questions contact one of the Online Technologies Support Contacts.

Southeast Online Technologies  Support Contacts:

Susie Hamner
Blackboard IM: shamner
(812) 265-2580 ext 4175

Alyssa Leap
Blackboard IM: aleap
(812) 537-4010 ext 5287

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