This page contains important information and steps you will need to take BEFORE your Wimba class begins.

We have set up a test environment for you that mocks an actual classroom setup. The test environment is available now, but your actual classroom environment will not be available until the semester officially begins. The test environment will be referred to throughout this checklist. To access the test environment:

  1. Log into Blackboard (
  2. Click on WimbaClassroom-00K-K1-201220: Southeast Wimba Student Training & Orientation under My Courses


  • Understand what Wimba is (section S1)
  • Know where you are going to view your class from (information in section S2)
  • Purchase headset with microphone combo (recommended equip in section S3)
  • Purchase books for class (information in section S4)
  • Minimum requirements for Wimba (section S5)
  • Attend a Face-to-Face training if needed (schedule in section S6)
  • Perform the ‘Run Wimba Wizard’ successfully (section S7)
  • Participate in an Online Trial session from viewing location (schedule in section S8)
  • Know how to access your class the day of (information in section S9)
  • Technical support contact information (section S10)

S1: Introduction and Overview of Wimba?
Wimba is a virtual classroom environment that provides features such as audio, video, content display, chat, and application sharing over the Internet. You will be able to see the instructional content your instructor provides while you listen to their live lecture. You will be able to ‘raise your hand’ and ask real time questions. Wimba courses operate on a specific schedule. Students will be required to attend Wimba classes during a specific time each week. Additional information on Wimba, including screen shots, is available to you.

To access it:

  1. Log into Blackboard (
  2. Click onWimbaClassroom-00K-K1-201220: Southeast Wimba Student Training & Orientation under My Courses
  3. Click on the Wimba Intro.doc under ‘S1 – Introduction and Overview of Wimba’

S2: Know where you are going to view your class from
If you want to view your class from home, check your system’s requirements against the minimum requirements for Wimba. If you do not have access to an Internet location, if it does not meet the minimum requirements, or you are simply not comfortable viewing this class from home, you may attend your class from your nearest Ivy Tech campus. We have a computer lab reserved for Wimba classes at each campus.

Madison Campus

  • Wimba Viewing Room # 1085
  • Technical assistance, Room # 1255

Lawrenceburg Campus

  • Wimba Viewing Room # 432
  • Technical assistance, Room # 427

Batesville Site

  • Wimba Viewing Room # 1130
  • Technical assistance, Room # 1030

NOTE: you will not be in the same room as your instructor.

S3: Purchase a headset with microphone combo.
You will need a headset with microphone combo. We do not recommend a standalone microphone, as it will more than likely cause audio feedback and echoing, making it nearly impossible to speak. Wimba recommends a Logitech or Plantronics brand USB headset. Ivy Tech Southeast campuses have personally tested the Logitech Clear Chat Comfort USB Headset with Microphone – approximately $30.

S4: How do I purchase my books?
Books may be purchased from our campus bookstore or online. Instructions and frequently asked questions on textbook ordering can be found here:

  • S5: Minimum requirements for Wimba
    RAM: 512MB minimum, 1GB or higher recommended
  • Internet access: 56K minimum, broadband recommended
  • Soundcard Java (see table below)

Browsers listed in the Supported section are recommended browsers for use with the Wimba Classroom. Browsers that are not listed have not been tested fully and therefore may or may not work with the Wimba Classroom.

Wimba Classroom Supported Operating Systems, Java, & Browsers





Java (JRE)

Win 7
Win XP


7.0 - 8.0

Java v. 6+ (1.6)

XP/Vista only
Java v.5+ (1.5)


3.0, 3.5


AOL, Opera,
Chrome, Safari

Mac OSx


3.0, 4.0

6.+ (1.6)
5.+ (1.5)


3.0, 3.5


AOL, Opera,
Chrome, Safari

S6: Face to Face Training
We do not currently have any formal face to face training sessions scheduled. However, you may contact your local campus representative and request a training sessions. Contact information is below.

S7: Run Wimba Wizard
You will need to run the Wimba wizard from the location you plan to attend class from. The Wimba Wizard performs a technical check for popup blockers, java versions, and audio and recording sound check. We recommend running the wizard prior to all Wimba class meetings. A step by step guide is available to you.

To access it:

  1. Log into Blackboard (
  2. Click on WimbaClassroom-00K-K1-201220: Southeast Wimba Student Training & Orientation under My Courses
  3. Click on the Wimba Wizard link under ‘S7 – Running the Wimba Wizard NOTE: During the audio and recording steps, it may take a minute to load the sound bar. Please wait for that sound bar to load before clicking next. The step by step guide details this.

S8: Online Trial from Home
If you have chosen a location other than on campus to view this class, we suggest you test your connection. Please call either our Madison or Lawrenceburg office at the number below to schedule a time to perform the test. The time spent during this session will be entirely up to you. There will be no formal instruction. The purpose here is to simply test your connection; however you will have the opportunity to ask questions if you have any.

S9: How do I access my class the day of?
On the day of your first class, you should log into Blackboard at least 30 minutes prior to the start of your class. We recommend you run the Wimba Wizard again to ensure a problem free startup. You will access your class from Blackboard ( Once logged into blackboard, click on your course link. Once inside your course, you will find directions for entering the Wimba classroom. Remember to call or email us if you are having problems, and don't wait until class start time!

S10: Technical Support Contact Information.
Technical support is available from your local campus and from the technical support team at Wimba. We recommend you first contact the campus your class originates from.

Contact information is:

Lawrenceburg Campus Madison Campus Batesville Site
Alyssa Leap
Blackboard IM: aleap
(812) 537-4010 ext 5287
Susie Hamner
Blackboard IM: shamner
(812) 265-2580 ext 4175
Tech Support Team
(866) 350-4978
Southeast Online Technology Support Contacts:

Susie Hamner
Madison Campus
Blackboard IM: shamner
(812) 265-2580 ext 4175

Alyssa Leap
Lawrenceburg Campus
Blackboard IM: aleap
(812) 537-4010 ext 5287

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