Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Mission, Vision, and Core Values


To prepare Indiana residents to learn, live and work in a diverse and globally competitive environment by delivering professional, technical, transfer and lifelong education. Through its affordable, open access education and training programs, the College enhances the development of Indiana’s citizens and communities and strengthens its economy.


Changing Lives. Making Indiana Great.

Core Values


  • Our students' right to reach their potential
  • Our students' capability to achieve their educational/personal goals
  • The diverse life experiences of each student
  • Behavior that will enhance the dignity and worth of all students
  • Student need for lifelong learning skills
  • Student contributions to the learning community
  • Students as individuals

Faculty and staff-focused:

  • The individual and collective contributions of all faculty and staff
  • The diverse life experiences of each employee
  • The importance of investing in personal and professional development of all employees
  • Openness, honesty and integrity in all employee interactions
  • A culture of leadership development
  • Employees as our greatest asset


  • Diversity of thought and opinion
  • The uniqueness of all of our students and employees
  • Cultural experiences of all students and employees
  • An inclusive climate that recognizes and supports a diverse learning and work environment
  • Curricular and co-curricular experiences that enrich student learning
  • Equal rights and opportunities for all


  • Honest and forthright communications with all constituencies
  • Ethical conduct
  • Full and direct disclosure in all print and electronic materials
  • Ethical business practices with all partners
  • Accountable and responsible stewardship of all College resources
  • Confidentiality as required by law and professional standards
  • Fair and consistent treatment of all students and employees

Community Engagement:

  • Being a responsible corporate citizen
  • A strong spirit of volunteerism among students and employees
  • Collaborative partnerships
  • Campuses that are catalysts for service to the community
  • Active engagement and leadership in the community


  • The creation and application of knowledge
  • Keeping an open mind to new ideas
  • A spirit of entrepreneurialism
  • Responsible risk-taking
  • The recognition and celebration of innovative initiatives
  • Continuous improvement
  • A climate conducive to sharing successes and failures


  • High academic expectations
  • A teaching and learning environment that allows students and faculty to achieve their full potential
  • Development of our students as confident, capable people contributing to family, workplace and society
  • High-quality programs and services
  • Holding ourselves and each other accountable for fulfilling our mission and achieving our vision