Administrative Directory

Office of the President
Thomas J. Snyder President
Jeff Terp Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Pat Bauer Vice President for External Partnerships
James Hudson Chief Procurement Officer
Jill Kramer Associate Vice President for Research and Planning
Benjamin Young Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Academic Affairs
Mary Ostrye Provost and Sr. Vice President
Russ Baker Vice President of Academic Affairs
Paula Birt Director Accelerated Associate Degree Programs
Robert Deadman Assistant Vice President Business & Computing Technology
Susan Hawkins-Wilding Assistant Vice President of  Academic Advising
Saundra King Assistant Vice President for Remediation and Innovation
Marcus Kolb Assistant Vice President of Academic Policy and Assessment
John Newby Assistant Vice President of K-12 Initiatives
Susan Newman-Bourne Assistant Vice President of Curriculum Planning
Laurie Peters Associate Vice President for Nursing Education
Glen Roberson Assistant Vice President and Dean Ivy Institute
Steve Tincher Vice President Business/Public Services Division
Sue Smith Vice President for Technology Division
Kimberly Stephan Director of Adult Degree Completion and Faculty Development
Vearl Turnpaugh Associate Vice President Career & Technical Programs
Center for Instructional Technology
Kara Monroe Associate Vice President for Online Academic Education
Laurie Kirkner Sr. Instructional Designer
Robbie Morse Sr. Instructional Designer
College Development
John Murphy President of Ivy Tech Foundation and Sr. Vice President for Ivy Tech Community College
Kevin Honigford Assistant Vice President for Development
Perry Hammock Executive Director Resource Development
Candace Hiatt Executive Director of Planning
Corporate College
Tim Harris Vice President for Corporate College Sales & Marketing
Rebecca Nickoli Vice President for Corporate College Services
Jeff Pittman Vice President of Corporate College Services and Online Education
Heather Higgs-Turner Executive Director of Corporate College Operations
Sherman Johnson Executive Director of Corporate College
Brian Thomas Executive Director of Ivy Tech Grants Office
Duane Embree National Director of Military Defense Initiatives
Brenda McLane Corporate Executive for Life Sciences
Lori Dunlap Associate Vice President of Facilities Institutional Planning
Chris Ruhl Sr. Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel
Mark Husk Assistant Treasurer
Jim Ackerman Executive Director of Finance/Financial Reporting
Corey Back Executive Director of Sponsored Program Accounting
Melanie Berg Executive Director of Capital Assets & Debt Accounting
William Bogard Executive Director of Budget Management
Thomas Skidmore Executive Director of Cash/Debt Management
Joy Abel Finance Systems Administrator
Andy Williams EProcurement Systems Administrator
Financial Aid
Ben Burton Chief Student Financial Resources Officer
Carrie Bishop Director of Financial Aid Training & Compliance
Michele Neff-Maskell Director of Financial Aid Systems
General Counsel
Christopher Ruhl Sr. Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel
Jim Clark Assistant General Counsel
J.D. Lux Assistant General Counsel
Human Resources
Julie Lorton-Rowland Vice President for Human Resources
Kirsten Biel Executive Director of Talent Development
Mike Popielski Executive Director of Human Resources
Jennifer Fisher Executive Director of Employee Benefits
Jamie Clouse Human Resource Systems Administrator
Information Technology Services
Anne Brinson Chief Information Officer
Lige Hensley Chief Technology Officer
Thomas Riebe Executive Director, Statewide IT Operations
Kristen Schunk-Moreland Director of Process Improvement/PMO
Emily Styron Director of Information Technology Budget and Planning
Institutional Research
Cory Clasemann Assistant Vice President of Institutional Research
Internal Auditing
Mike Davis Executive Director of Internal Auditing
Marketing/Communications and Enrollment Management
Jeff Fanter Vice President for Student Experience, Communications/Marketing
Kelly Hauflaire Associate Vice President of Communications and Marketing (media contact)
Anne Penny Valentine Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Customer Service
Seana Murphy Assistant Vice President for Admissions and Enrollment
John Pyzik Executive Director of Corporate College Marketing
Michele Morrical Director of Web, Social Media and Student Communications
Lauren Rochefort Director of Marketing and Communications
Carin Werbeck Director of Publications/Foundation Marketing
Regional Chancellors
Jerrilee Mosier Northeast Region
David Bathe Lafayette Region
Thomas G. Coley North Central and Northwest Region
Andrew Bowne East Central Region
Stephen Daily Kokomo Region
James Helms Southeast Region
Kathy Lee Central Indiana Region
Ann Valentine Wabash Valley Region
Dan Schenk Southwest Region
Rita Shourds Sellersburg Region
John Whikehart Bloomington Region
Student Affairs
Jeff Fanter Vice President for Student Experience, Communications/Marketing
John Hogan Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Carey Treager Huber Assistant Vice President of Student Life, Development and Leadership
Ann Yater Assistant Vice President for Student Records