Strategy Development Teams

Accelerating Greatness 2025 Leadership

Accelerating Greatness 2025 (AG2025) serves as Ivy Tech’s, three-year plan. Each year, regional leadership will work with the SPC, AG2025’s oversight body, to report on and communicate successes, adjust and add new initiatives, and monitor progress toward increased student success. Initiative and strategy champions will bring recommendations to the SPC as resources, evaluation and communication efforts are needed. Recommendations will run through the SPC and the chancellor co-chair (or his/her designee) will then take recommendations to the Executive Council for final approval. Thus, as initiatives are completed and added, AG2025 leadership will transition and responsibilities will be shared broadly.

The SPC is co-chaired by President, Tom Snyder; Bloomington Chancellor, John Whikehart and Associate Vice President for Planning and Research, Jill Robinson Kramer. Strategy champions, a faculty representative, a student government representative and a representative from the office of technology, the Foundation, marketing and communication, institutional research, student affairs, and three chancellor representatives will also serve on the SPC.

Roles and responsibilities for Strategy Champions include the following:

  • Develop initiative teams with leaders from regions and the office of the president.
  • Ensure initiative champions report on progress on a timely basis.
  • Monitor and report on progress towards achieving the targets and objectives for the strategy.
  • Ensure alignment of initiative goals with regional and functional work goals.
  • Serve as a spokesperson and a liaison to the SPC for the strategy.
  • Work with initiative champions to identify and address implementation, policy, and resource barriers, as they arise.

Roles and responsibilities for Initiative Champions include the following:

  • Mange and lead the initiative teams.
  • Create and implement initiative project plans; develop work goals, tasks, deliverables, accountabilities, deadlines and milestones, resource requirements and interdependencies.
  • Coordinate, monitor and report on progress on college-wide initiative project plans.

Roles and responsibilities for Initiative Teams include the following:

  • Create work plans to test the feasibility of, the implementation of, and the evaluation of work to accomplish goals.
  • Create outputs, intermediate and long-term metrics for the work.
  • Engage regional and Office of the President leadership to develop and implement the work.

Roles and responsibilities for Metric Owners include the following:

  • Confirm accuracy of the metric baseline data and progress and performance data.
  • Assist in establishing annual metric targets, metric specifications and procedures.
  • Coordinate the acquisition and reporting of progress and performance data.

Strategy 1 Champions
Kathleen Lee, Chancellor, Indianapolis
Mary Ostrye, Provost
Enrollment Leader, Lea Ann Crooks, Terre Haute

Craig Lamb, Lafayette
Sue Smith, Office of the President
Amy Metcalf, Terre Haute
Sheila Yancey, Central Indiana
Paul Werling, East Central
Teresa Begley, Columbus
Ken Parry, Kokomo
Bob Thalls, Central Indiana

Robyn Boss, Fort Wayne
Kelly Hauflaire, Office of the President
Randy Proffit, Columbus
Lauren Rochefort, Office of the President
Nicole Conrad, Central Indiana
Gary Pellico, Central Indiana
Joe Anderson, East Central
Andrew Welch, Fort Wayne

Mary Lewellen, Muncie/Anderson
Rebecca Nickoli, Office of the President
Mark Kinkle, Sellersburg
Frank Moman, Central Indiana
Rhonda Angsman, Central Indiana
Jeff Plasterer, Richmond
Michael Siegel, Columbus
Duane Embree, Office of the President
Amanda Billings, Bloomington
Laura Vest, Office of the President
Lannette Mullins, Northwest
Alison Akey, Lafayette
Elaine Jolayemi, Central Indiana

Achieving the Dream Retention and Completion Co-Leaders, Catherine Sherrard, South Bend and Russell Baker, Office of the President

John Hogan, Chancellor, Columbus
Carey Treager-Huber, Office of the President
Marcia Worland, Kokomo
Daysha Jackson, Fort Wayne
Anila Din, Central Indiana
Clint Whitson, Central Indiana
Kris Giere, Central Indiana
Amy Johnson-Price, East Central
Mark Brandyberry, Lafayette
Thomas Evans, South
Uzoma Oluka, Northwest

Ryan Johnson, Muncie/Anderson
Catherine Sherrard, Sellersburg
Susan Hawkins-Wilding, Office of the President
Seana Murphy, Office of the President
Leo Studach, Kokomo
Kathryn Waltz-Freel, North Central
Jessica Metz, Central Indiana
Taine Watkins, Central Indiana
Shakira Grubbs, Southeast
Brian Bright, Northwest
Shakira Grubbs, Southeast

Darrell Cain, Indianapolis
Brad Thurmond, Bloomington
Nancy Green, Richmond
Mike Slocum, Central Indiana
Sandy Ward, Central Indiana
Mia Johnson, East Central
Ben Young, Office of the President
John Laws, Lafayette
David Merrill, Northwest

Cathy Maxwell, Fort Wayne
Jeff Pittman, Office of the President
Robert Deadman, Office of the President
Michelle Hall, Office of the President
Ethan Heicher, Kokomo
Mike Clippinger, Central Indiana
Rod Brown, Central Indiana
Cynthia Barr, East Central
Rod Dowell, Kokomo
Kathryne Pavey, Northwest
Pauline Sadek, Central Indiana

Strategy 2
Steve Daily, Chancellor, Kokomo
Michael Davidson, Indianapolis
Christopher Ruhl, Office of the President

Therese Copeland, Columbus
Luis Gonzalez, Gary
Chris Hancock, Office of the President
Carin Werbeck, Office of the President
Kelly Karickhoff, Kokomo
Tracey Danner-Odenwelder, East Central
David Murphy, East Central
Rob Hensen, Evansville

Deanna King, Terre Haute
Alisha Aman, Evansville
Jacob Williams, Office of the President
Jeff Scott, East Central
Jennifer Meece, Southeast
Stephanie Amos, Columbus
Kathy Nelson, Sellersburg

James Helms, Chancellor, Madison/Lawrenceburg
Rebecca Nickoli, Office of the President
Tom McCool, Lafayette
Tim Harris, Office of the President
Cory Clasemann, Office of the President
Matt Hawkins, Office of the President
Terry Nolot, Sellersburg
Allen Shotwell, Terre Haute

Doug Giles, Bloomington
JD Lux, Office of the President
Jane Harper, Lafayette
Stephanie Amos, Columbus
Jeff Pittman, Office of the President
John Pyzik, Office of the President
David Gray, Kokomo
Roy Winkler, East Central
Bill White, Sellersburg

Rebecca Miller, Terre Haute
Thomas Skidmore, Office of the President
Angie Scanlon, Central Indiana
Roy Winkler, East Central

Christopher Marks, Lafayette
William Bogard, Office of the President
Greg Silcox, Indianapolis
Rob Poff, Sellersburg

Strategy 3
Tina Gross, Columbus/Franklin
Jerrilee Mosier, Chancellor, Ft. Wayne
Jeff Terp, Office of the President
*Jeff Fanter, Office of the President

Sabrina Pennington, Richmond
Scott Horvath, Indianapolis
Jill Robinson Kramer, Office of the President
Karen Williams, Gary
Ann Heiny, Central Indiana
Linda Mann, East Central

Joseph Moore, Madison/Lawrenceburg
Glen Roberson, Office of the President
Jan Bailey, Kokomo
Jim Willey, East Central
Ron Dougherty, Columbus
Jill Canine, Columbus
Bob Calliotte, Central Indiana

Elliot Thostesen, Gary
Kristen Moreland, Office of the President
Beth DeWees, East Central
Curtis Blakely, Richmond
Brenda Ragle, Columbus
Jim Teeple, Office of the President
Theodore Russell, North Central
Francis Hardin, Kokomo
Kami Kitchen, Central Office
Keith Greathouse, Columbus

Steven Combs, Columbus
Kara Monroe, Office of the President
Michele Morrical, Office of the President
Christina Collins, Central Indiana
Joanna Oberthur, Central Indiana
Julia Stumpf, Columbus
Adam Lamb, Fort Wayne
Margaret Semmer, Northwest
Deb Schrager, South Bend
Clifford Clarke, Northeast

Keith Branham, South Bend
Anne Penny Valentine, Office of the President
Kristen Moreland, Office of the President
Seana Murphy, Office of the President
Tracie Davis, South Bend
Sheila Reich, Central Indiana
Bob Cain, East Central
Chris Cathcart, Northeast

Strategy 4
Steven Tincher, Chancellor, Richmond
Julie Lorton-Rowland, Office of the President

Pamela Rennekamp, Evansville
Ben Young, Office of the President
Rachel Nadeau, Evansville
Josh Rockey, Kokomo
Sherry Moore, Central Indiana
Angie Scanlon, Central Indiana
Tim Kelsey, East Central

Kevin Bostic, Kokomo/Logansport
Taundra Miles, Office of the President
Gerald Maki, Central Indiana
Tim Kelsey, East Central
Maribeth Anderson, Columbus
Julie Murphy, Southeast
Norma Anderson, East Central

Mike Karickhoff, Kokomo
Lori Dunlap, Office of the President
Daniel Cox, East Central

Joseph Dutka, South Bend
Thomas Riebe, Office of the President
Jim Barney, Central Indiana
Pam Schmelz, Columbus

Data and metric owners
Cory Clasemann, Institutional Research, Office of the President
Heather Higgs, Corporate College, Office of the President
Thomas Skidmore, Finance, Office of the President
Marlene Emenaker, Human Resources, Office of the President
Kevin Honigford, Foundation, Office of the President