Printing Information

Effective Jan 14, 2013, students are required to pay for printing on campus.

Printing Costs:

  • Black and white copies = 5 cents per page
  • Color copies = 30 cents per page.
  • Duplex printing (double sided printing) = 7 cents for non color copies, 45 cents for color copies.

Important information to know about printing on campus:

  • Each registered student is provided a $5 credit to his/her account at the beginning of each registered term.
  • You can add money to your account through the Pay for Printing link in Campus Connect (in the My Ivy Tech section)
  • The money that is on your account is specific to the region.  If you are transferring to another region, you may want to find out what you are expected to print for your classes and make the copies prior to transferring.
  • In order to print, you will need to save your documents and print from an Ivy Tech supported computer to the printer.