Ivy Tech Foundation Planned Giving

The planned giving staff at Ivy Tech Foundation stands ready to help you meet your unique financial needs by:

  • Providing gift plans that benefit you and your family
  • Bringing immediate and deferred tax advantages to both you and your heirs
  • Having a meaningful impact on Ivy Tech Foundation and our goals and interests, beyond your own lifetime and far into the future

Learn more about Planned Giving. Visit our online interactive planned giving resource center.

Contact the Ivy Tech Foundation to discuss your planned giving options, (317) 921-4850


There are almost as many variations on ways to make a donation as there are needs to be met. Explore this section to discover new ways to make a gift that also takes into consideration your personal circumstances and the needs of your heirs.

Learn how to help others and Ivy Tech Foundation by using one of the most popular and simple ways to make a gift.

Charitable Gift Annuities
Read more about how to make a donation and, in turn receive a fixed annuity payment each year for life.

Charitable Remainder Trusts
In the right circumstances, this plan can increase your income, reduce your taxes, unlock appreciated investments, rid you of investment worries and ultimately provide very important support.

Memorials and Endowments
Discover a powerful way to make a gift to us in your name or in the name of a loved one while realizing tax benefits for your kindness.

Give My Home, But Live There for Life
Make a gift to Ivy Tech Foundation of a remainder interest in your home, receive sizable tax benefits now and continue living in your home for the rest of your life.

Donor Advised Funds
Access the giving power of a private foundation without the expense or complexity.

Charitable Lead Trusts
Make a donation now while reducing the tax costs for your heirs in the future.