Opening Doors to a Second Chance Program

Ivy Tech's Opening Doors to a Second Chance program provides members of our community with the necessary tools and information to pursue the expungement of criminal records.

Expungement is the removal of criminal records from public inspection, such as a Criminal Background Check. Criminal Background Checks are often done when an individual seeks employment, loans, education, housing and/or public benefits. It's important to know that there are some crimes which cannot be expunged due to the nature of the crime.

However, if successful, criminal record expungement can lead to increased employment, housing, education and other opportunities.

The goal of this program is to reintegrate people with criminal offenses into our communities where they can live, learn, work and thrive.

Several resources are available to assist you with the expungement process. Visit the "Additional Resources" link to the right of this page to learn more.

Marcus E. Ellison, J.D., M.B.A.
Program Chair, Paralegal Studies

B. Irene Britt
Program Chair, Criminal Justice

To request more information or schedule an appointment for help with expungement paperwork, please call

574-289-7001, ext. 6842 or 574-289-7001, ext. 6374

Additional Resources